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Carter Stamkos is the son of Steven Stamkos. Carter, born in July 2019, is 4 years old and is an older brother to Chase Stamkos.

The summer of 2019 could’ve been a cherry on top for Steven Stamkos if he had won the Stanley Cup. Nonetheless, it was the summer he experienced parenthood for the first time.

Steven Stamkos Pictured In His Tampa Bay Lightning Gear During The 2021 Season
Steven Stamkos Pictured In His Tampa Bay Lightning Gear During The 2021 Season (Source: Instagram)

Since then, the Tampa Bay Lightning captain, Steven Stamkos, has won Stanley Cup twice, back-to-back in 2020 and 2021.

The Canadian athlete is one of the biggest names in the ice game and is certain to be placed in the Hall of Fame one day.

Currently, he is fighting to take the lead against Toronto Maple Leafs in the playoffs series. But Auston Matthews and Maple Leafs are proving to be a difficult task to go past as they lead the series 3-1.

Steven Stamkos Son, Carter Stamkos

Steven Stamkos’ son Carter Stamkos caught the attention of many during the All-Star weekend in 2021.

Born on July 29, 2019, Carter Stamkos has already been named “the Zamboni kid” by the press and hockey fans. And the toddler is also already earning a few peas for his family. 

Carter’s love for the ice-smoothing vehicle was highlighted during the press conference in 2021. The little boy kept telling his dad he wanted to get into the Zamboni. 

Steven Stamkos Pictured With His Eldest Son Carter Stamkos In 2022
Steven Stamkos Pictured With His Eldest Son Carter Stamkos In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

A year later, Carter not only got the chance to get into Zamboni but was also made the face of a Zamboni toy. The toy came as a partnership between NHL and the Zamboni company and currently retails for $349 online. 

The oldest son of Steven Stamkos certainly has an adorable look to catch the attention of fans.

Earlier this year, in January, the 4-year-old was hyped up at the award presentation ceremony. Carter would get excited every time he saw himself on the Jumbotron, while his father received an honor for scoring his 500th goal.

So, in the future, if Carter chooses to work in a field that requires him to be in front of the cameras and gain attention, it won’t be shocking. 

Carter Is An Older Brother To Chase Stamkos

In 2021, Carter lost his privileges of being the only child of Steven and Sandra. 

He became an elder brother to Chase Stamkos, who, unlike his older brother, hasn’t come much into the limelight. 

Speaking to The Tampa Bay Times in 2021, Steven said Chase arrived two weeks earlier than expected.

This forced the professional ice hockey center to miss a game in St. Louis, and thankfully he reached the hospital on time to witness the delivery. 

With his brother, Chase was seen at the award ceremony earlier this year. The young one probably hasn’t grasped the fact that his dad is one of the legends of the game. 

But as he gets older, he will probably look at the compilation of his dad’s game with great pride. 

Steven Stamkos Met His Wife Sandra Porzio In High School 

In 2017, the NHL star tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Sandra Porzio, in their hometown in Toronto.

The NHL power couple first crossed paths at St. Brother Andre Catholic as teenagers. And they made their love last. 

After eight years of dating, Steven went down on one knee in 2016. A year later, they were at the altar exchanging their vows. 

Steven Stamkos Pictured With Wife Sandra Porzio After Their Wedding In 2017
Steven Stamkos Pictured With Wife Sandra Porzio After Their Wedding In 2017 (Source: Facebook)

The better half of Steven Stamkos has tried her best to keep herself away from the public limelight. Sandra does have a Facebook handle but isn’t much active on it. 

Both Sandra and Steven have maintained their distance from social media usage. Despite having millions of fans worldwide, Steven chooses to keep himself and his family life away from social media pages.

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