Boxer Cedric Jones Obituary And Cause Of Death: What Happened To Him?

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Cedric Jones Obituary: Cedric Jones is survived by his wife, Barbie, children, relatives, companions, and friends. 

The news came as a shock to everyone, as Cedric was physically fit, health-conscious, and a fitness trainer.

Boxer Cedric Jones
Boxer Cedric Jones (Source: Instagram)

Cedric Jones was a true dynamo, with roles as a dancer, actor, boxer, trainer, motivator, and philanthropist among his many accomplishments.

Jones was an actor at SAG-AFTRA based in Los Angeles, California.

He is known for Southpaw (2015), Princess of the Row (2019), and Marshall County (2013).

Furthermore, he served as the owner of Beastie Boxing Gym.

Moreover, Jones was an alumnus of Central High School and pursued his further studies at Malcolm State College.

Boxer Cedric Jones Obituary

Many close family members have shared heartfelt messages following the unfortunate passing of Cedric Jones, who reportedly left us on October 17, 2023.

While the exact cause of his death remains unknown, it’s been reported that he was rushed to the hospital.

During the COVID pandemic, when fear had gripped everyone, and people were isolating themselves, Cedric took to the streets to provide food to the homeless.

American film director Antoine Fuqua posted a tribute on Instagram with the caption that read,

“R.I.P. to my good brother and friend. You were always the light in the room and on the set. You will be deeply missed and forever loved. MAY THE WIND ALWAYS BE UNDER YOUR WINGS CHAMP as you ascend into the Heavens. Dream team forever.”

Cedric, a devout believer in God, will be dearly missed by many and loved by even more.

Upbringing Of Cedric Jones

Cedric’s upbringing took place in Georgia during the 1970s. He had a strong passion for theatre, showcasing his skills through ballet and ballroom dancing.

By the time he turned 17, he had already established himself as a professional dancer.

When it came time to make a pivotal career choice, Cedric opted for Los Angeles over New York in pursuit of an acting career with very limited money that he had.

Cedric Jones With His Wife Barbie
Cedric Jones With His Wife Barbie (Source: Instagram)

However, three months later, he was left homeless and could not cover his rent.

A stranger named Ethel Smith extended an act of kindness by offering him a job at a temp agency. This gesture of goodwill provided Cedric with a lifeline.

Additionally, he held deep gratitude for a boxing coach named Fausto De Latorre, who generously provided him with free training and often shared meals.

BMoved Foundation

Ever eager to make a positive impact on the lives of others, Cedric established his cherished foundation, “B Moved,” with a core mission of assisting underprivileged children.

Furthermore, he believed, “You are not where you want to be because you’re not doing what you need to do.”

He actively extended his support to those in need by visiting detention centers and shelters and even reaching out to individuals experiencing homelessness on the streets.

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