Charles Barkley Remembers His Parents Frank And Charcey Glenn

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The NBA star Charles Barkley had a difficult childhood as a result of his parents divorce at a young age. 

Charles Barkley was born in 1963 and grew up in Leeds, Alabama. Unfortunately, Barkley experienced a difficult childhood as his father, Frank Barkley, left the family after divorcing Barkley’s mother, Charcey Glenn.

However, Barkley’s mother remarried, which provided some stability in his upbringing.

Charles Barkley During His Game
Charles Barkley During His Game Source: NBA)

Charles Barkley is a highly skilled and dominant player during his time in the NBA, known for his rebounding ability, versatility, and aggressive playing style.

Barkley’s talent and achievements have earned him numerous accolades, including multiple NBA All-Star selections, All-NBA Team honors, and the prestigious NBA Most Valuable Player award in 1993.

He is also recognized as one of the greatest players in NBA history and was also named to the NBA’s 50th and 75th-anniversary teams.

After retiring from basketball, Barkley became a well-known television analyst for TNT and CBS Sports.

Charles Barkley Parents

Charles, like many other children, didn’t have a memorable childhood. He grew up in Leeds, Alabama, and was abandoned by his father, Frank, when he was just a child due to their parent’s divorce.

This left Charles and his brother Darryl Barkley struggling financially and deprived of the opportunity to enjoy time with their birth father.

Charles Barkley'With His Mother Charcey Glenn
Charles Barkley With His Mother Charcey Glenn Source: USA Today)

Later, Charles’ mother remarried, and they welcomed a half-brother named John Glenn into the family.

Tragically, their stepbrother passed away when he was just an infant, causing immense sadness within the family.

As if these hardships weren’t enough, Charles also had to cope with the loss of his father, who died in a car accident when he was only eleven years old.

Loss Of Both Parents 

Charles experienced significant loss within his family as he was growing up. First, his father abandoned them, and later on, he lost his baby brother and stepfather.

Adding to his grief, Charles also lost his mother, Charcey Glenn, at the age of 73 years old. She passed away due to kidney failure at her home in Alabama in 2015.

Charles Barkley's Mother Charcey Glenn
Charles Barkley’s Mother, Charcey Glenn Source: Instagram)

Charcey was well-known for her community involvement, leading the neighborhood water commission and actively participating in her local community.

Moreover, Frank Barkley, Charles Barkley’s father, passed away in 2021. Charles confirmed this sad news in an interview but did not disclose the exact cause of death.

Gradual improvement In his Relationship With His Father 

Former NBA star Charles Barkley and his father, Frank, had a complicated relationship that gradually improved over the years before his father’s passing.

Charles opened up about their relationship during an episode of his podcast, ‘The Steam Room,‘ co-hosted by Ernie Johnson.

He expressed that they had a rocky relationship during the first 20 to 30 years of his life, but in the last long years, they were able to develop a great relationship.

Charles wanted to make it clear that their bond had improved significantly before his father’s passing and his wish for a better relationship with his father.

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