Chase Claypool Parents: Who Are John Mensah And Jasmine Claypool?

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Chase Claypool’s parents, John Mensah and Jasmine Claypool separated when the wide receiver was a kid. But they maintained a friendly tie, leading Chase to show equal affection to both his parents. 

The wide receiver of the Chicago Bears comes from a family that supported his footballing dreams from a young age. Growing up with older brothers around him, Chase was as competitive as one could imagine. He wouldn’t even back down to trash-talk his brothers.

Chase Claypool Gives A Peck To His Mother, Jasmine Claypool After Graduating From High School
Chase Claypool Gives A Peck To His Mother, Jasmine Claypool, After Graduating From High School (Source: Instagram)

The 25-year-old made his NFL debut in 2022 with the Steelers but has since moved to Chicago Bears, where he plays alongside Justin Fields.

During the ongoing Chicago Bears training camp, reports emerged of the wide receiver going down with a hamstring injury. The extent of his injury remains unknown, but The Athletic has reported Chase will be sidelined against the Titans. 

Chase Claypool Parents, John Mensah, And Jasmine Claypool

Chase Claypool’s biological parents John Mensah, and Jasmine Claypool, are divorced. But they continued to have an amicable relationship when it came to raising their son.

The former couple come from different ethnic backgrounds. John is an African American, and Jasmine is a Caucasian. Though they didn’t live under the same roof, Jasmine and John would turn up for their son’s every game. 

Chase And His Dad John Mensah Share A Strong Bond 

John Mensah could never hide his emotions whenever his son would play, whether it would be when Chase was playing at the school level or NFL. 

When Chase was a kid, John would frantically run up and down the field. When he saw his son play his initial few games in the NFL from home, he would close his eyes with his hands pressed together in a praying motion.

Chase Claypool Pictured With His Dad, John Mensah And His New Whip He Bought For Him
Chase Claypool Pictured With His Dad, John Mensah, And The New Whip He Bought For Him (Source: Instagram)

In 2020, Chase gifted his parents two brand-new cars, a Jeep SUV for his mom and a RAM truck for his dad. The Chicago Bears shared the video of him surprising his parents with the rides on his YouTube channel. 

Chase first surprised his mom with the whip, and John thought the surprise was only meant for his mom because it was Mother’s Day. But the wide receiver wanted to give his father an early Father’s Day gift and didn’t want him to feel left out of the celebration.

Jasmine Claypool Is A Real Estate Agent 

Chase’s mother, Jasmine Claypool, previously worked as a concession operator in the carnival circuit. When Chase first showed interest in playing football, Jasmine was against it. 

The NFL star came with registration at age seven to join the Abbotsford Falcons community team. She took the application form and shuffled them away with other papers. But Chase’s love for the sport grew, and a year later, she couldn’t reject him again.

Chase Claypool Bought His Mom A Brand New Jeep On Mother's Day In 2020
Chase Claypool Bought His Mom A Brand New Jeep On Mother’s Day In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

After high school, as several top colleges made Chase offers, Jasmine created spreadsheets helping her son narrow down the proposals. Jasmine joined Macdonald Realty as a licensed real estate agent last year and has a Facebook page.

After separating from John, Jasmine began living with Palmer Carvery. He might be Chase’s stepdad, but Palmer had supported the youngster’s football career from a young age. 

Chase Claypool Family, Including Brother Jacob Carvery

The Claypool family has had many joyful moments in recent years. From Jacob becoming a football prodigy to making his NFL debut, they have seen the highest of highs with their son.

But they have also stuck by each other during difficult times. When Chase was 13, one morning, Jasmine suddenly woke him up. He didn’t know what was going on. Jasmine was in tears on the kitchen floor, and then she delivered ground-shattering news of his sister’s demise.

Chase’s older sister, Ashley, had committed suicide. At first, Chase and Jasmine couldn’t comprehend the fact. His last memory of his sister was her telling him how proud she was of his football achievements. And there’s no doubt Chase has Ashley even more proud.

Chase Claypool Pictured With His Step Brother Jacob Carvery During A Party In 2022
Chase Claypool Pictured With His Step Brother Jacob Carvery During A Party In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The former Steelers player’s older brothers were supportive of his athletic endeavors. His stepbrother Jacob Carvery was the one to push him to play football. 

A former football player at the University of British Columbia, Jacob would post his brother’s game highlights on his Facebook. He was the one to help Chase to get in contact with Division I football programs. 

Currently, Jacob manages his brother and runs the website, Team Claypool. He is available on Instagram with the username @jacobcarvery, where he frequently shares posts with his brother. 

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