Amazon’s Most Reviewed Cheer Shoes

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Get ready to cheer with the most reviewed cheer shoes on Amazon.

Cheer shoes are an essential asset of cheerleaders. Wearing cheer shoes allows you to perform athletic movement gracefully and comfortably.

Good cheer shoes should support your ankle and the bottom of your foot while jumping, tumbling, and doing any stunts.

And another important feature of cheer shoes is that they are light-weight. When you are light on your feet, you can smoothly perform dance movements and difficult stunts.

What Are The Benefits Of Cheer Shoes?

If you want to seriously get involved in cheerleading, then you surely want to have cheer shoes for practice.

But that so doesn’t mean you can ignore training. You need to practice aggressively to get perfect at cheerleading.

 Some cheerleaders wear sneakers for training which don’t support you with cheerleading. There are number of benefits of choosing cheer shoes over sneakers.

Incredibly light

Sneakers you get in the market are bulky. They are not good for athletic movement. Though you may find some light-weight sneakers as well, but they will surely not help you with cheerleading.

Cheer shoes are light in weight, allowing you to jump high and tumble effortlessly.  When you feel light on your feet, you will be able to do a stunt on the ground and air with ease.

Easy clean

Being tidy is important for cheerleaders. You need to look neat from head to toe while performing. So, there is no way to compromise on your shoe.

Most of the cheer shoes are white. So, for this reason, cheerleaders tend to wear white sneakers over cheer shoes.

Easy clean is another reason to switch to cheer shoes because sneakers are not easy to clean.

Decent padding

Sneakers don’t have decent padding. The shoe you wear while cheerleading needs to have an excellent and strategic padding system to provide enough support.

Decently padded cheer shoes provide cushioning to protect against impact. While doing a stunt on the ground, you will need a great footbed to protect against serious impact.

Rubber outsole

Flexibility is a must while cheerleading. Your shoe needs to support all your moves just the way you want without making you uncomfortable. Sneakers will not help you with movement.

As cheer shoes are specially designed for cheerleaders, these shoes help you move in the direction you want to. The rubber outsole provides just the right flex you need for cheerleading.

Lace locking system

Of Couse, you don’t want your shoe to slip off your foot while performing. Cheer shoes come with a lace locking system to avoid any kind of slip.

With cheerleading shoes, you can jump as much as you want without worrying about your shoes.

However, if you choose sneakers, you will not be able to give full while cheerleading because they don’t have a good lace locking system.

Cheer shoes ensure you stay on the ground all the time during the performance.

Finger Grooves

Cheer shoes come with finger grooves design to support cheerleaders. Finger grooves become important when doing air stunts.

Finger grooves provide stability to the flyer while performing a stunt. Cheer shoe with finger grooves doesn’t just give stability to a flyer but make the job of bases easier.

Comfort, Fit And Style

Besides the mentioned features, you also need to look for the comfort, fit and style of the cheer shoes.

The cheer shoes you choose must support you to jump, kick and perform stunts. Whether you perform on the ground or in the air, cheer shoes must support your foot movement.

  • Comfort

Cheerleaders spend an entire day in the shoes jumping and doing stunts. It is extremely necessary to have the right shoe for practice.

The comfort that shoes provide can make much difference in your performance. When the shoe is not comfortable enough, you won’t be able to do all stunts as you want to.

Cheer shoes must feel snug on your feet, allowing you to perform and move naturally.

However, these shoes also need to have just the right space for your toe to move freely. Also, the shoe you choose for cheerleading should be tight around your heel.

The comfort of Cheer shoes is defined by how well they support you to jump, tumble and do stunts.

  • Fit

One of the important criteria to buy cheer shoes is to check how well they fit on your shoe. Even if you buy expensive cheer shoe, there is no meaning of buying expensive shoes if it doesn’t fit right.

You will obviously find many cheer shoe brands in the market. And all cheer shoe brand has different sizing.

The size you fit in one brand may not be right for another brand. You may have to go one size up or one size down, depending upon the brand.

Do check the brand website to know your right size. Cheer shoes that fit you perfectly help improve your performance and also help in avoiding injuries.

  • Style

Most cheerleading shoe comes in white with strips or attractive designs. However, the cheerleading team can have specific design requirements.

If you want to join the team, get proper information about their cheer shoe style.

If you have not decided on the team, then you can choose any style you like. You will find varieties of cheer shoe designs, but mostly in white. You can select a cheer shoe according to your choice.

Cheer Shoes Can Last Long If You Know How To Use Them Right

Having one pair of cheer shoes can last for many seasons. You just have to know how to use them right.

Cheer shoes are made for jumping, tumbling, and doing gymnastics stunts. Cheer shoes support you with all the movement while being flexible and light on your feet.

So, you need to wear your cheer shoe on a smooth surface to avoid any damage.

Don’t use cheer shoes on a rough surface, and don’t wear them for a tough task. You may wear cheer shoes for jogging, running but not for the gym.

To increase the life of cheer shoes, better to use them only for cheerleading.

Another essential thing you need to know about cheer shoes is how to wear them right.

The lacing system is an important feature of cheer shoes. Cheer shoes have a unique lacing system to secure your feet and to fix your feet in place.

Cheerleaders tend to pull the lace to tighten the shoes. The lacing system in cheer shoes is designed in a way to secure your feet and keep them out of your way throughout your performance.

If you pull the lace tightly, it may break. Be careful while pulling the lace. However, pulling laces tight is terrible for your feet. Cheer shoe comfort comes from buying the right size, not pulling the laces.

ASICS Unisex Cheer Shoes

ASICS Cheer Shoes
ASICS Cheer Shoes

When you are doing gymnastic moves, you will be running, jumping, and landing hard on your feet. So, you will need cheer shoes that support you with all athletic actions.

Having high-quality cheer shoes support you while performing, prevent you from foot injuries and give your confidence on the ground.

Good cheer shoes should snug your feet, giving you a bouncy jump and keeping you stable during the stunt.

This cheer shoe from ASICS performs just in the right way.  The upper part of cheer shoes is made with synthetic leather that ensures durability. If you know to use cheer shoes in the right way, this cheer shoe can last for years.

The lace-up design in this shoe locks your feet perfectly in place, preventing slip. Don’t pull the lace tight. You just need to get the right size cheer shoes.

This cheer shoe is narrow at the side, so you may have to get one size up. To give required comfort, this cheer shoe has padding around the collar to support your ankle.

They have a mesh lining that helps to wick away moisture keeping your feet fresh. You will be able to do any stunt wearing ASICS Unisex Cheer Shoes because they are super light.

And EVA midsole help with shock absorption. The outsole is constructed using rubber which ensures flexibility and durability.

 Amazon Reviews

Great ASICS shoe

They are nice, comfortable, durable, and light in weight. Reviewers commented that this pair of cheer shoes is exactly what they wanted.

Fits perfectly

ASICS Unisex Cheer Shoes fit perfectly all-around your feet. You just need to get the right size. Reviewers found that they perform better than expected.

Narrow and small

They are light and narrow cheer shoes. You need to go one size up to fit perfectly in this cheer shoe.

Rebel Athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoes

Rebel Cheer Shoes
Rebel Cheer Shoes

If you are a flyer, you will need super light-weight cheer shoes to do stunts in the air.

And you also need a cushioning inner sole and smooth outer sole so that the shoe doesn’t hurt your fingers as bases lift or catch you.

This shoe is made for both flyer and bases to provide maximum stability while keeping you comfortable on your feet.

Rebel Athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoes are more like traditional cheer shoes.

The pattern on the shoe doesn’t give modern cheer shoe vibes, they are more like the shoe which are worn in past days. And the sparkly upper design of the shoes is constructed for a feather-light feel. 

The inner sole of this cheer shoe is cushiony and soft. So, you can land on your feet smoothly after doing air stunts.

When the inner sole is soft, they just not help you do air stunt, they also help you perform athletic moves on the ground.

Flexibility is necessary when you are a cheerleader. Days of practice can make you flexible enough to join the cheer team. However, a good cheer shoe is also essential to support you during your practice phrases.

This shoe is designed with a transverse flex tunnel which gives enough flexibility to support you move naturally. And this design also helps you perform smoothly while being light on your feet.

When performing air stunts, cheer shoe needs to have excellent finger grooves. This cheer shoe has patented finger grooves for outstanding stunt grip.

 You can practice hard in this shoe, and yet you can wear them for many seasons. They are not designed for an easy rip.

Amazon Reviews

Great cheer shoes

A cheer shoes perfect for tumbler, bases, and flyer. Reviewers have found this shoe to fit perfectly and worth the price.

Order 2 size up

Rebel Athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoe is narrow. So, when you are ordering, you should go two sizes up than your normal shoe size.


This pair from Rebel Athletic are incredibly durable. Even if you practice hard, it doesn’t rip off easily. They can last an entire season or more.

Nftinity Women’s Flyte Cheer shoe

Nftinity Cheer shoe
Nftinity Cheer shoe

This shoe from Nftinity has a nice outer and inner sole with plenty of padding to help you jump, tumble and do a stunt. What’s so remarkable about this cheer shoe is the knit fabric that supports your foot movement.

Knit fabric upper makes this shoe breathable, keeping your shoe fresh and cool throughout the performance. When the shoe is new, you will find it to be tight in the toe box, but the knit fabric will expand with wear.

This cheer shoe runs small. You need to get one size down from your normal shoe size. At first, you might feel they are tight, but they will adjust to your feet when wearing them daily for practice.

And another feature of this cheer shoe is, they are made for stunt-specific grip.

If you are already in cheerleading, you will know how much important it is to have a good grip on cheer shoes. This shoe from Nftinity has a perfect grip to perform a stunt.

Another amazing feature is three rubber pads on the bottom of the shoes. This feature makes the shoe durable and extremely flexible.

Running and jumping requires a lot of strength. This cheer shoe is designed with padded Achilles to strengthen your feet during the performance.

Amazon Reviews

Good for tumbling

This cheer shoe won’t disappoint you much if you are a tumbler. You will be able to tumble easily with this shoe.

Good grip and light

They are light which helps you perform stunt smoothly. With this pair, you can run, jump, tumble or even do an air stunt effortlessly.


Nftinity Women’s Flyte Cheer shoe is super light, comfortable, flexible, and stable, but didn’t last for long. Reviewers found this shoe to support every move but were disappointed by the quality.

Nike Women’s Cheer shoe

Nike Cheer shoe
Nike Cheer shoe

Constructed of synthetic leather, this cheer shoe from Nike gives you maximum comfort to keep your feet cool throughout the performance. Synthetic leather and textile upper give this shoe an amazing look.

Snug padding around the collar of this shoe, allows you to move comfortably while doing a stunt on the ground or in the air.

Also, this cheer shoe has nice padding on the tongue to help you jump and tumble.

In order to comfort your feet, this shoe is manufactured with true fabric lining and a soft footbed. With this shoe, you will be able to perform with the same energy from beginning to end.

And another interesting feature of this cheer shoe is internal flex grooves that help in flexibility. You will be able to move more naturally while being comfortable in this shoe.

For extra comfort, Nike has manufactured this shoe with a double-lasted phylon midsole, which also makes this shoe very light. The outsole is made with rubble which guarantees durability.

 Another great feature of this cheer shoe is cushioning. The light construction and cushioning features together work to comfort your feet throughout your performance.

Amazon Reviews

True to size

Many reviewers have found this shoe to fit true to size. However, some reviewers have found this shoe to be smaller than true to size. If you are wide-footed, you might have to order one size up.

Perfect cheer shoes

These cheer shoes are comfortable and durable. When you get the right size, they fit perfectly in your feet, allowing you to perform stunts accurately.

Cute cheer shoe

This cute-looking shoe is loved by many. This cheer shoe has a lot of bounce which comforts you to practice.

Kaepa Cheerful Cheer Shoes

Kaepa Cheer Shoes
Kaepa Cheer Shoes

This fantastic cheer shoe from Kaepa is highly flexible and has a premium EVA midsole best for flyers and bases.

The EVA insole is removable, and it provides the required comfort and cushion to comfort your feet while doing stunts.

Kaepa has designed this cheer shoe with a rear finger notch and contoured arch for stunt control and comfort.

They have used smooth and durable material to manufacture this cheer shoe to help cheerleaders with flexibility.

Long-day practice can make your feet sweat. To prevent your feet from bad odor, Kaepa has used breathable material. Partial mesh tongue also supports in making this shoe breathable.

 As this shoe is constructed using a flexible material, which allows you to perform all the stunts smoothly without any irritation in your foot.

You will find this shoe to be very light on your feet, which means you can perform or practice all day.

You have to order one size up if you are wide-footed. Normally cheer shoes are narrow. You can go one size up, depending upon your foot type.

However, you can measure the cheer shoe size as per your athletic shoe. You can order this cheer shoe the same size as your athletic shoe.

Amazon Reviews

Nice cheer shoes

Reviewers have agreed that this shoe snug feet keeping you comfortable and light in your feet. And reviewers have found that this shoe fits perfectly when you buy according to the guideline.

Runs small

Reviewers found this shoe to be small. So, you need to order them base on your shoe type. If you are narrow footed, you can order this shoe.

However, if your foot type is normal, you have to order a half size up. And if you are wide footed, you will need one size up from your shoe size.

Quality cheer shoes

Reviewers have loved this bright cheer shoe. They support your ankle perfectly and give you enough support on the base of your feet.

 Mfreely cheer shoes

Mfreely cheer shoes
Mfreely cheer shoes

With tremendous flexibility, this is another best cheer shoe for flyer, bases and tumbler.

The Microfiber material used in this cheer shoe gives high resistance the helps you move more naturally. This shoe is great for running, jumping, and doing air stunts.

Additionally, they have manufactured this cheer shoe using a highly elastic polyurethane sole giving your feet total comfort.

This cheer shoe is made to adapt to all kinds of ground. Whether you perform in hard ground or soft ground, this cheer shoe is perfect for every surface. 

The Towel lining in this cheer shoes from Mfreely snug your feet, keeping you comfortable while practicing.

The soft towel lining in the ankle of this shoe holds your heel in place, not allowing your feet to slip.

For good ventilation, this cheer shoe has multiple side holes. These holes keep your feet cool and fresh, even if you wear them all day.

The most amazing feature of this shoe is its flexibility. All the mentioned cheer shoe is flexible enough to support your move, but this cheer shoe is ultra-flexible.

This cheer shoe allows you to perform difficult movements with ease. Another factor that helps you perform difficult stunts is lightweight. You can perform difficult actions wearing this cheer shoe.

The rubber outsole of this cheer shoe is designed in a way for the right stability, strong resistance for absorption, and skid resistance.

Amazon Reviews

Flexible and breathable

Many reviewers have found this shoe to be very flexible. When wearing this cheer shoe, your feet will sweat less compare to other cheer shoes.

Great quality

Reviewers have agreed this shoe being high quality. This cheer shoe supports all the areas of your foot, giving you all the comfort you need while performing on the ground.

Recommended cheer shoes

Reviewers have loved the way this shoe performs. The super light-weight of this cheer shoe helps you with stunting and tumbling, giving you a great experience.

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