Chelsea Destroy Manchester City’s Quadruple Hope

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The Semi-Final of the F.A. Cup has produced yet another drama this season.

Manchester City, who were on the hunt for quadruple, have come tumbling down on the hands of Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea.

Thomas Tuchel Finally Beats Pep Guardiola

Tuchel and Pep Guardiola met 5 times during their Bundesliga campaign. Thomas was the manager for Borussia Dortmund while Pep managed the German giants Bayern Munich.

These two managers met a total of 5 times and in which Pep always came out on top against his counterpart.

But, this season, it all changed.

Thomas Tuchel, who joined Chelsea mid-season has now finally defeated his arch-rival Pep Guardiola to help his side reach the F.A. Cup Final.

Pep, who has been managing ManCity since 2016, has never seen his side so poor in attack. It looked like they forgot their shooting boots at home.

Ever since the arrival of Thomas, Chelsea have been in one of their best forms over the past two seasons.

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The 3 at the back formation proved to be vital once again this season.

Thiago Silva, who joined Chelsea on a free transfer this season, has been one of the key players under Tuchel. The duo played together during their time at PSG and reached the UCL final as well as won the French Domestic Treble.

With this win, Chelsea are now on the road for their first Double in a long time.

Manchester City’s Quadruple Hope Has Ended

Manchester City were on the quest to be the first English team to win the famous “Quadruple”.

However, the hope has now finally ended.

During the 2017/18 season, Manchester City were still favorites to win the Quadruple but were defeated in the F.A Cup by Wigan Athletic.

History has repeated itself. This time, instead of Wigan, it is Chelsea who destroys City’s hope.

This City side will undoubtedly win the Premier League this season and are in the final of the Carabao Cup against Tottenham while simultaneously face PSG in the semis of the UCL.

There is still hope for Treble but now City will have to try next year if they want another shot at winning the coveted “Quadruple”.

Hakim Ziyech Proves His Doubters Wrong

The Moroccan winger/forward came to Chelsea after a sensational performance for Ajax last season. However, he hasn’t been able to live up to the expectations.

The Dutch league was postponed due to Covid-19. Thus, Hakim was sidelined from playing any professional football for seven months.

When he did join Chelsea, he was injured in the first pre-season of the game and was sidelined for a long time.

HZ joins Chelsea
Hakim Ziyech joins Chelsea.

As a result, he hasn’t fully adapted to the Premier League.

But, for the past couple of games under Tuchel, he is finally showing the world why they call him the “Wizard”.

Despite the lack of game time, he has performed brilliantly when given the chance.

He proved his doubters wrong against Manchester City.

Timo Werner received a through ball from Mason Mount and due to his brilliant pace was able to out-pace the City’s defense.

Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner
Hakim Ziyech celebrates his goal with Timo Werner who provided the assist. (Source: Chelsea FC Twitter)

Werner then passed the ball to Hakim who tapped the ball right into the net and gave Chelsea the much deserved 1-0 lead in the 55th minute.

This goal proved to be vital as Chelsea beat an unusually quiet Manchester City. 
ManCity’s entire squad was poor this whole game.

With this, there is no doubt that Hakim Ziyech will be a sensational player for Chelsea, not just this season but for a couple of more as well.

Hakim now has 3 goals and 3 assist to his name in his first season as a Chelsea player. This stat may not be as good as his last season’s but it takes time to adapt to a new challenging league and Ziyech will undoubtedly be better next season.



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