Chloe Kelly Parents Jane & Noel Kelly And Seven Siblings

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Chloe Kelly parents, Jane and Noel Kelly, do not have sporting backgrounds. They raised seven kids in West London, with five of them being boys and two girls.

Jane and Noel raised their daughter, Chloe, with the same independence as their five older sons. They allowed her to play in the cages with the boys, the first place she honed her soccer skills.

The England striker has said cage soccer made her the player she has become today. Chloe has also said her brothers do not show any shame claiming they were the ones to help her get into the sport.

Chloe Kelly Pictured With The Euros Trophy In 2022 After Beating Germany In The Final
Chloe Kelly Pictured With The Euros Trophy In 2022 After Beating Germany In The Final (Source: Instagram)

England Women’s Team Euro 2022 hero Chloe Kelly reached stardom after she propelled the woman’s team to its first international glory after scoring in the 110 minutes against Germany. 

The Manchester City striker is probably dreaming of doing the same at the World Cup. With two games played, England stands first in its group. In their latest match against Denmark, Lauren James’ goal in the sixth minute was enough to propel them to a victory. 

Chloe Kelly Parents, Jane, And Noel Kelly

Chloe Kelly’s parents, Jane and Noel Kelly, raised seven kids in West London, England. The soccer player is the youngest of seven.

Her father, Noel Kelly, previously worked as a machinery engineer. Noel, 59, in his interview with The Daily Mail, clarified he wasn’t the one who taught Chloe to play soccer, but it was her brother.

But Noel has always given his full backing to the England superstar. Her mother, Jane Kelly, is a homemaker and told the media after England’s Euro success that her daughter kicked the ball ever since she learned to walk.

Chloe Kelly Pictured With Her Parents, Noel, And Jane Kelly
Chloe Kelly Pictured With Her Parents, Noel, And Jane Kelly (Source: Instagram)

Jane witnessed her daughter help her side to their first Euro glory at Wembley Stadium. Chloe immediately hugged her mother and her partner Scott, who were in the stand as the game closed. 

Noel and Chloe have always been regular in their daughter’s matches, especially when she was with the London club Arsenal. 

Chloe has previously shared several pictures with her parents on Instagram. But Noel and Jane Kelly have chosen to remain away from social media and are private people. 

Chloe Kelly Has Six Siblings

Chloe Kelly grew up in a household of five big brothers, who were her first coaches. 

The England striker would play soccer with her brothers and their brothers in the Windmill Park cages.

Kelly said they never made it easy for her and have always said they were the ones who taught her to play the sport. If Kelly went down, her brothers would shout at her to get up and tell others to hit her harder. 

Chloe’s five brothers, Daniel, and Jack, and triplets, Jamie, Martin, and Ryan, played with her in the cages.

Chloe Kelly Pictured With Her Four Brothers, And Her Sister, Paris In 2017
Chloe Kelly Pictured With Her Four Brothers, And Her Sister, Paris In 2017 (Source: Instagram)

Recalling her childhood, Chloe said during summer, they would enter the cage early in the morning, have their food, and return straight to playing. 

Previously, Chloe shared a family picture with her brothers and sister on Instagram and captioned the post, “Family.” Her brothers are available on social media but haven’t shown much of their personal life.

In an interview with Sky Sports Retro, Chloe said it was great having five older brothers growing up, who have supported her throughout her soccer journey. 

Chloe added her sister, Paris is completely different from her and hates any kind of sports. Paris is two years older than Chloe and works at the dentist’s clinic. 

Her brothers played local league football when Chloe was still in West London. In an interview, Chloe said that her brother Jack to this date says he is still better than her. 

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