Will Chris Jericho Be Fired After Kylie Rae Allegation?

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After the former WWE Champion Chris Jericho’s allegations of sexual misconduct against Kylie Rae surfaced, many are eager to know if he will get fired from the AEW.

A couple of days before the 2024 New Year, Jericho got allegations of sexually harassing a female wrestler.

Rumors have it that the reason for the wrestling diva’s abrupt departure from the AEW was him.

American-Canadian Wrestler Chris Jericho
American-Canadian Wrestler Chris Jericho (Source: Instagram)

Born on November 9, 1970, Christopher Keith Irvine is an American wrestler who performs in the All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Unlike his father, Ted Irvine, who played in the NHL, he got into wrestling & pursued a career in it.

Widely recognized for his finisher “code breaker” & his high-flying moves, he made an impact in the WWE between 1999 & 2022.

Other than his moves, he got some famous storylines that included feuds with Christian, Shawn Michaels, Edge, and CM Punk.

During his time at WWE, Jericho became a nine-time WWE Intercontinental Champion & three-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Will Chris Jericho Be Fired After Kylie Rae Allegation?

Amid netizens & wrestling fans going crazy over allegations of Chris Jericho for sexual misconduct on Kylie Rae, they are seeking answers to the consequences on the wrestler.

So, after the yet-to-be-proven allegations, tabloids began questioning the AEW president, Tony Khan, about Jericho’s future in the promotion.

On December 31, 2023, during the AEW Worlds End scrum, one of the reporters asked if the former WWE star was under investigation for sexual misconduct in the company at any time.

Referencing unproven harassment on Jericho, Khan replied“I can’t speak to the internet and unsourced rumors,” while assuring that his company was the “safest.”

He added that if he were to find such a thing, he would take the issue to the disciplinary committee.

For now, there’s been no confirmation if the investigation on the wrestler is going on or if any legal lawsuits against him have come out.

Details On Alleged Sexual Harassment On Kylie Rae

During Nick Hausman’s December 30, 2023 podcast, he invited Jericho’s lawyer, Stephen P New. The latter had a brief Twitter fight with Jericho over the topics of NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).

In the podcast, Hausman mentioned skeletons in Chris Jericho’s closet.  He said,

“There are issues with Chris behind the scenes, where I know a lot of people who were hurt by Chris and his actions.”

At one point, he seemingly compared the wrestler to Harvey Weinstein, a convicted sex offender.

Moreover, Nick pointed out Weinstein was in jail due to crimes despite his career achievements, which viewers took as a somewhat notice of warning to Jericho.

New York Born Wrestler Chris Jericho
New York Born Wrestler Chris Jericho (Source: Twitter)

While it had nothing linked to the harassment of Kylie Rae, the turn of events would wind up more diggings into the WWE star, which brought light to it.

Shortly after the clip from the podcast went viral, an X (Twitter) account named Iso Wrestling re-posted an older tweet, which hadn’t gotten attention earlier.

It implied that Rae abruptly left AEW in 2019 because of Chris Jericho, referring to which, it said,

“I have it from people in the know that Kylie was asked to go to Chris Jericho’s room. With the understanding that others would be there. When she got there it was just him. He made a pass at her (no other details are given) and she freaked out.

Moreover, the X account brought Tweets from women waiting until it was safe to speak about Chris Jericho’.

Kylie Rae reacted with a heart emoji to the post. As a result, the news of allegations against Chris spread like wildfire.

Even more, some began to allege that Jericho’s lawyer’s mention of the NDA in his Tweet could be a hint that the wrestler had females sign whom he molested.

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