WWE Edge Parents: Mother Judy Copeland And Father

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WWE Edge’s parents didn’t play an equal role in raising him as he was singlehandedly raised by his mother, Judy Copeland. The four-time WWE Champion has always talked about his mother’s impact on his wrestling career.

Last year on January 2, 2022, Edge, aka Adam Copeland, shared a throwback photo of him and his mom. He shared the image to mark his mother’s 69th birthday. 

His only parent, Edge’s mom, Judy, passed away in 2018. The wrestler lovingly calls his mother The Judemeister and had previously said one of his sole motivations to be successful was his mom.

Edge Admires The Crowd In The Scotiabank Arena As He Returns To Toronto After 12 Years In August 2022
Edge Admires The Crowd In The Scotiabank Arena As He Returns To Toronto After 12 Years In August 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The WWE superstar celebrated his 30 years in wrestling last year. Twenty-five of those years were as Edge in WWE.

And recently, on Friday night’s Smackdown, Edge brought down the curtains on his career as he defeated Sheamus in front of his hometown crowd in Toronto. The veteran has also already hinted at what he will do after retiring from wrestling. 

The 49-year-old was recently seen in the teaser trailer of the Dinsey+ show Percy Jackson and the Olympians as God of War, Ares. The show will premiere on December 20, 2023. 

WWE Edge Parents: Mother Judy Copeland Raised Him Singlehandedly 

WWE Edges’s parents separated even before he was born. The wrestler didn’t know what his father looked like as his mother, Judy Copeland, raised him on her own.

Earlier this year, Edge talked about his personal life and childhood struggles in the Logan Paul podcast Impaulsive. The WWE superstar told the American YouTuber that he and his mother lived meal to meal. 

And as they struggled financially, Edge had to give up on his hockey dreams. A talented athlete since his childhood days, Edge played all kinds of sports but found solace in hockey.

Edge With His Mother, Judy Copeland On The Episode Of Edge Appreciation In 2011
Edge With His Mother, Judy Copeland, On The Episode Of Edge’s Appreciation Night In 2011 (Source: Instagram)

But after two years of playing hockey, Judy told her son she could no longer invest in the sport. Edge was heartbroken, but if one door was closed, the other opened two years later.

Being a kid who had seen his mother take up all kinds of jobs to raise her child, Edge’s first dream was to buy his mom a house. The WWE Champion said in his interview wrestling helped him do just that. 

Not only did he enjoy wrestling, but it made him financially independent to buy his mom a house. Judy Copeland was previously seen in the WWE episode Edge’s Appreciation Night. 

In the interview taken by WWE, the wrestler seeing his mother walk down the ramp was one of the funniest things. 

Judy Copeland passed away in 2018, and the four-time WWE Champion shared an emotional Instagram post as a tribute to his mom. 

He shared a series of pictures, including pictures of Judy with her grandchildren. The father-of-two wished his mother would have survived longer to see the fruits of her labor but sadly had to bid her goodbye.

WWE Edge Wife, Beth Phoenix

WWE Edge tied the knot with his wife and three-time WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix, in 2016. 

Both Edge and Beth were previously married before they tied the knot in 2016 after dating for five years. Edge was married to Alannah Morley, and that marriage only lasted for three years.

He then married Lisa Ortiz the same year as his separation from Alannah, 2004. But Lisa and Edge separated after a year. Beth was previously married to Joey Knight, a Canadian professional wrestler.

Edge With His Wife Beth Phoenix Pictured Earlier This Year In February
Edge With His Wife Beth Phoenix Pictured Earlier This Year In February (Source: Instagram)

The former couple was married for nine years before their separation in 2010. A year after her separation from Joey, Beth met Edge. 

Despite working in WWE for seven years, the couple connected after Edge retired from WWE in 2011. In an interview, Edge said he met Beth on the night of his Edge Appreciation episode. 

Ever since the couple returned from their retirement, they have been able to share the squared ring. In Royal Rumble 2022, Edge and Beth defeated another real-life WWE couple, The Miz and Maryse. 

Earlier this year, the couple defeated The Judgement Day duo Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley in the Elimination Chamber 2023. 

Along with being successful wrestlers, the couple is also parents to two girls. The couple’s first child, Lyric Rose Copeland, was born in 2013, and their second daughter, Ruby Ever Copeland, was born in 2016. 

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