Clark Hunt Sister: Who Is Sharron Hunt Munson?

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Clark Hunt is an accomplished chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs. He has a sister named Sharron Hunt, and she is also a part-owner of the team.

The chairman, with his siblings and mother, are the co-owners of the Chiefs. However, the four siblings hold most of the shares.

Sharron Hunt Munson On Vacation
Sharron Hunt Munson On Vacation (Source: Instagram)

Clark Knobel Hunt is a chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, born on February 19, 1995. He is also a Major League Soccer’s founding investor-owner.

Hunt graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in business administration with a concentration in finance in 1987.

The chairman and CEO was a part of the soccer team during his collegiate years. He was the captain of a nationally ranked team.

After taking over the Kansas City Chiefs in 2005, he has been working to take the team to the heights of success.

After his stint with the Chiefs, they have become the winner of the AFC West eight times, two times Super Bowl champions, and made the playoffs nine times.

Clark Hunt Sister: Who Is Sharron Hunt Munson?

Clark Hunt has a sister, Sharron Hunt Munson. She is also a key shareholder of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Lamar Hunt, the original founder and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, had four children. He had three sons and a daughter.

Sharron Hunt During A NFL Game
Sharron Hunt During An NFL Game (Source: Instagram)

Despite Clark being the face of the company as chairman and CEO, his other siblings hold 24 percent of the team.

The reason behind Clark being the chairman and CEO is he was the only one with a background and interest in football. 

A Little About Sharron Hunt

Sharron leads a peaceful life among the people she cares and loves for. Considering her age, she is living a healthy and active life.

The chairman’s sister is often seen vacationing in new places. Also, she is quite active on her social handles and keeps posting and updating about her life on Instagram.

She and her brothers were listed as the NFL’s richest owners in 2022, according to Forbes. However, Sharron’s lifestyle says otherwise, as there is no showing off or any display of expensive materials.

Although Sharron has kept her life away from the public, her love for traveling and cycling is evident through her social handles.

Sharron Hunt Children

Sharron Hunt is the parent of four children. She has a daughter, Isabel, and three sons, Boone, Miles, and Thomas.

Her children are all grown up and busy with their own careers. However, her youngest twins may still be young to have a career.

Sharron Hunt With Children In An Event
Sharron Hunt With Children In An Event (Source: Instagram)

Boone is the eldest son, and Miles and Thomas are the younger sibling twins. The twins started their senior year in 2021.

Thomas is currently studying in Texas with a Major in Theater. There is not much known about her eldest son, who occasionally features on her social media posts.

Talking about her daughter, Isabel Munson is a graduate of The New School in New York. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Media Studies.

Isabel is a professional Disc jockey, producer, and multimedia artist. Also, the family has an adorable Zuchon-breed dog named Stardust.

According to her Facebook profile, Sharron is a divorcee.  

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