Clint Frazier Parents Mark And Kim Are His Biggest Fan

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Clint Frazier was born to his parents, Mark and Kim, in Decatur, Georgia, US, on September 6, 1994.

Clint Jackson Frazier is an American professional baseball outfielder for the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB).

As a top prospect, Frazier was drafted by the Cleveland Indians with the first overall pick in the 2013 MLB draft.

He was later traded to the New York Yankees in 2016 for relief pitcher Andrew Miller.

Clint Frazier Is A Professional Baseball Player
Clint Frazier Is A Professional Baseball Player (Source: Instagram)

Since Frazier was released by the Yankees, it has been quite a journey for him.

After the Yankees, he signed with the Chicago Cubs, but his injuries and poor performance led him to accept a minor-league assignment.

Later, he signed a minor league contract with the Texas Rangers, but both parties agreed to part ways, and the outfielder joined the White Sox for a minor league assignment.

Finally, on May 21, 2023, Frazier was promoted to the major leagues. The former Yankee has learned a few lessons from his previous mistakes and is here to stay this time.

Clint Frazier Parents And Early Life

Being born to supportive parents, Clint was always encouraged by his parents to play baseball.

His mother used to work as a preschool teacher, and his father used to work in sales.

From a very young age, his mother would spend time in the front yard, tossing the ball to Clint even when he was just 18 months old.

Clint believes that his mom was the one who taught him how to hit.

Clint With His Mother Kim
Clint With His Mother Kim (Source: Instagram)

Every day, as Clint’s father, Mark, returned from work, he would witness his son engrossed in playing baseball in the yard. And Mark couldn’t help but join in to play with his son.

While Clint was just starting his professional baseball career, his family back home was having a hard time.

His father, Mark, lost his job, and they struggled to make ends meet. Despite their challenges, Clint’s parents were determined not to burden their son, who was fully immersed in pursuing his baseball career.

During the time of adversity, Clint’s parents remained supportive, never allowing their difficulties to become any kind of factor that hindered their son’s dreams.

Upon learning about his parents’ hardships, Clint couldn’t help but feel a mixture of disappointment and sadness.

Had his parents shared their financial struggles with him, he could have stepped in and provided assistance.

At the same time, he was grateful to learn how much of a supportive family he has who would always put his dreams ahead of theirs.

Clint Frazier Parents In His Debut Game

During his MLB debut with the Yankees, his parents, Mark and Kim, were present at the stadium.

Frazier also made his debut worth remembering as he hit a homer. However, his homer did not come in his first at-bat but in the third inning.

He swung hard and launched a Tony Sipp pitch into the Crawford Boxes at Minute Maid Park.

Clint's Parents During His MLB Debut
Clint’s Parents During His MLB Debut (Source: YouTube)

Seeing Clint’s first home run, his mother could not contain herself and started sobbing.

The professional baseball outfielder might have made his first homer, but his mother, Kim, stole the show.



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