Cordell Patrick Wife Latonya: Car Accident, Wikipedia & Age

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Cordell Patrick wife, Latonya Patrick, was unharmed during their recent RV accident. The husband-wife duo were only ten minutes away from their house when the accident took place.

Patrick has kept his personal out of the public limelight, but his love for his RV isn’t a hidden matter. He had previously announced the trip on his X handle (formerly Twitter) before hitting the road. 

Cordell Has Previously Worked With The ESPN As Their Sportscaster
Cordell Has Previously Worked With The ESPN As Their Sportscaster (Source: Twitter)

The award-winning sportscaster Cordell worked on ESPN Plus as a color analyst at Texas State University. He also was a host for San Antonio Spurs on KSAT-TV and KC Chiefs on KSHB-TV.

In his interview from the hospital bed, Patrick has said he has no idea how he is alive. Disturbing footage shows Patrick lying on the corner highway in ripped-up clothes while blood poured from his head. 

Cordell Patrick Wife, Latonya Patrick

Cordell Patrick wife, Latonya Patrick, age 62, was with her husband in their RV when the major accident took place. In fact, it was Latonya who was in the driver’s seat. 

The ESPN+ sportscaster has previously shared only a few photos of his wife on his X handle. Last year, he shared a snap of him and Latonya at her Aunt Maudie’s 103rd birthday. 

He has previously shared a picture of him and his wife with the 1979 World Series Champion, Lee Lacy. From the looks of Cordell’s Twitter handle, it is clear that this wasn’t Cordell and Latonya’s first trip in an RV. 

Cordell (L) And His Wife, Latonya Pictured With Baseball Legend Lee Lacy
Cordell (L) And His Wife, Latonya, Pictured With Baseball Legend Lee Lacy (Source: Twitter)

Last year, in September, Latonya and Cordell posed in front of their new RV, Class A. The sportscaster has previously shared photos of him in his RV with his pet dog as well. 

In 2022, Cordell shared that he had a mishap while furnishing his RV that pissed Latonya so bad she threatened him with his own taser. It is clear that the couple has always enjoyed traveling in their RV and going on various trips and adventures. 

It’s just that the latest one happened to be cursed. Only a day before the accident, Cordell had shared a picture of him from their RV. He captioned the post, “That’s the view from our RV.”

Cordell Patrick And Latonya Accident

Cordell and Latonya were only ten minutes away from their home when the unfortunate accident unfolded on the 14 Freeway in Newhall. 

In his interview, the sportscaster said Latonya fell asleep at the wheel right as he got up to use the toilet. He had unbuckled his seat belt for only five seconds.

While he was standing, Patrick noticed his wife had dozed off, and the RV was heading toward the median. Cordell tried grabbing the steering wheel, but before he could grab it, the RV had already made an impact. 

The ESPN Sportscaster Thinks He Has Got A Second Chance At Life
The ESPN Sportscaster Believes He Has Got A Second Chance At Life (Source: Twitter)

The ESPN sportscaster said the RV struck the divider at 60 mph, sending Cordell out of the window into the opposite lane. A dashcam video of another vehicle shows Patrick rolling onto the pavement. 

A white SUV can be seen swerving to avoid striking the sportscaster. A motorist came to aid Patrick, who tried his best to keep the cars away from him. 

The injury left Patrick with several broken bones and a dislocated shoulder, and he required 17 stitches on his head. Patrick told the interviewers it was a divine intervention and that he shouldn’t have been sitting in the hospital bed and giving interviews.

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