Craig McRae Wife: Gabrielle McRae & Their First Child Together

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Craig McRae and his wife, Gabrielle McRae, have a special reason to celebrate, as the pair is expecting their first child next month.

Craig McRae married Gabrielle early last year. Before Gabrielle, McRae was married to Jodie McRae, with whom he spent more than a decade.

Craig McRae With His Wife Gabrielle McRae
Craig McRae With His Wife Gabrielle McRae (Source: Facebook)

Craig McRae was born on September 22, 1973, in South Australia. The fans of McRae call him Fly.

Fly is a former Australian rules football player who played as the small forward/goalsneak. McRae was the 22nd choice in the 1994 AFL draft by the Brisbane Bears.

Additionally, after the 2004 Grand Final loss to Port Adelaide, the small forward announced his retirement from professional football.

After that, he started to work as an assistant coach in the role of player development coach with the Richmond Football Club.

Currently, he is the senior coach of the Collingwood Football Club. As a coach, he has earned VFL Premiership Coach of the Year in 2019, VFL Coach of the Year in 2019, and AFLCA Coach of the Year in 2022.

Craig McRae Wife And Kids

Craig and Gabrielle exchanged vows and officially became a married couple during the early months of last year.

Their journey to matrimony was not without challenges, as they had to face the impact of the pandemic on their wedding plans.

In fact, the couple had to postpone their wedding date not once but three times due to the challenges and uncertainties brought about by the pandemic.

Despite the setbacks, they eventually celebrated their love and commitment in a meaningful ceremony.

We had hoped to get married three or four times, but it has been put back more and more,” he said.

The couple has a strong connection and has created an inclusive family. McRae, who celebrated his 50th birthday on Friday, September 22, is having his first child with his wife, Gabrielle.

Moreover, the child is due next month, in October. Additionally, the coach also has two daughters named Charlie, who is 5 years old, and Chelsea, who is 21 years old from his first marriage.

Craig And Gabrielle With Charlie McRae
Craig And Gabrielle With Charlie McRae (Source: Twitter)

Charlie is often spotted attending matches with his father, creating memorable moments while supporting their favorite teams.

On June 5, 2022, Craig was seen with his daughter during the AFL Round 12 game between the Hawthorn Hawks and the Collingwood Magpies at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

As a proud father, Craig shared a heartwarming video on Twitter with the caption, “The team is inspiring the future generation.”

The video showcased his younger daughter’s enthusiasm as she watched the Australian Rowing Team compete in the Olympics while attempting to emulate their rowing techniques.

Before his marriage to Gabrielle, the former player Craig was previously married to Jodie McRae.

However, due to Craig’s private nature, there is limited information available about the exact date of their marriage or the details surrounding his first marriage.

Furthermore, he has not publicly disclosed the reasons for his divorce from his first wife, maintaining his privacy on this matter.

Craig McRae 44 Sons

Craig McRae, the senior coach, has expressed a deep sense of paternal care and responsibility for his players, often referring to them as his “sons.”

He has mentioned that he has two beautiful daughters and does not have biological sons.

However, he has embraced the role of a mentor and coach, treating his players like his own children.

McRae’s coaching philosophy is grounded in providing love and support to his players, much like one would with their own offspring.

He emphasizes the values of accountability and responsibility while offering guidance and encouragement, nurturing a sense of familial unity within the team.

Recently, McRae demonstrated tough, fatherly love when one of his players, Jack Ginnivan, faced significant media scrutiny after being recorded taking an illegal drug.

McRae’s role as a mentor and coach extends beyond the field, as he seeks to guide and support his players through both their sporting endeavors and life challenges.

Craig McRae With One of His Sons Jack Ginnivan
Craig McRae With One of His Sons, Jack Ginnivan (Source: Twitter)

Ginnivan was suspended for the opening two matches of the season. Additionally, this incident broke the heart of the senior coach.

In addition to that, being emotional, he told another player that he may not be there to condone their actions. However, he will take responsibility for things that don’t suit him as an AFL footballer.

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