Curmel Moton Wikipedia And Age: Weight And Height Of The Boxer

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Curmel Moton, the young boxing prodigy, is quickly making a name for himself in the amateur boxing world.

At 17 years old, he’s already achieved an incredible feat of 18 amateur titles, earning him the nickname “the next Floyd Mayweather.”

His impressive skills and achievements have earned him the top ranking in Team USA, and he’s undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the boxing world.

Curmel Moton During Practice
Curmel Moton During Practice (Source: Instagram)

Curmel Moton is an incredibly talented young boxer who has been making a name for himself.

Despite being born in 2006, he has already claimed over 18 amateur titles, a feat that has established him as a rising star.

His successful professional debut has further propelled him into the spotlight, and his future looks incredibly promising.

This young athlete possesses the potential to become one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Curmel Moton Wikipedia And Age

Curmel Moton, a young and talented boxer, was born in 2006 in Salt Lake City. Despite moving to Las Vegas at a young age, he remained passionate about boxing, which he started at a very young age.

His father saw potential in him and introduced him to the sport. At first, his father trained him, and later by various professional coaches.

Moreover, his exceptional talent was recognized by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who is known as ‘Money.’

Mayweather became Curmel’s mentor and began guiding and mentoring him. Curmel’s exceptional talent led to him being signed to Mayweather Promotions.

Curmel Moton, The Young Boxing Prodigy
Curmel Moton, The Young Boxing Prodigy (Source: Instagram)

Curmel, known as the ‘Big Deal,’ has already achieved a remarkable collection of over 18 amateur boxing titles despite being only 17 years old in 2023.

His outstanding amateur record of 156 wins and just seven losses showcases his exceptional skill and dedication to the sport.

Curmel’s unique abilities lie in his ability to effectively fight both at a distance and up close, demonstrating his versatility in the ring.

During his amateur career, Curmel clinched an impressive 18 national titles. Now, he is focused on extending his dominance into the professional boxing circuit.

Curmel Is A Rising Star

Curmel Moton is a 17-time National Champion with an impressive record, showcasing his remarkable talent in the boxing world.

Prominent boxers like Luis Ortiz, Shakur Stevenson, and Gervonta Davis have acknowledged Curmel Moton.

They recognize his exceptional skills and rapid rise in the boxing world, making him the number one youth in the United States.

Curmel Moton With Pro Boxer Gervonta Davis
Curmel Moton With Pro Boxer Gervonta Davis (Source: Instagram)

His exceptional skills caught the eye of Floyd Mayweather, the legendary boxer recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. Recognizing Moton’s potential, Mayweather decided to sign him to his promotion company to nurture this young talent.

Floyd Mayweather commented on Moton’s potential:

We don’t know who’s going to be the next Floyd Mayweather, but I truly believe this could be the next Floyd Mayweather.”

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