Cyclist Sylvain Anquetil Parents: Where Are They From?

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Sylvain Anquetil Parents: Veteran cyclist Sylvain Anquetil passed away at the young age of 47 at his Normandy residence on October 20, 2023. Although his career was brief, Anquetil’s contribution to promoting cycling competitions in his region was commendable.

A gifted cyclist, he competed and won several junior-level tournaments in his youth.

However, Sylvain had been resting for a long time, suffering from an undisclosed illness, which prevented him from competing at elite levels.

The news of his untimely demise came as a shock to everyone, as nobody had imagined the loss of such a talent at such a young age.

Late French Cyclist Sylvain Anquetil
Late French Cyclist Sylvain Anquetil (Source: Delcampe)

Trained at the Jackie Tiphaigne school within the Union Sportive Sainte-Austreberthe Pavilly Barentin, Anquetil became able to keep impressive records in the young categories between 1993 and 2006.

Known for his unparalleled charm and talent, he was a fierce competitor, becoming the French cadet champion in 1992.

He was also praised for his exceptional physical abilities while cycling and his great knowledge of racing.

Although his passion and surname matched with the five-time Tour de France champion Jacques Anquetil, they were unrelated. However, there was an obvious influence of the legendary cyclist on him.

Cyclist Sylvain Anquetil Parents And Family

Where Are They From?

The late French cyclist Sylvain Anquetil was born to his parents, Josiane and Marcel Anquetil, on July 12, 1976, in Caen, France. His family is the native of Normandy, a historically significant region in Northern France.

Speaking more specifically about Caen, it is a port city, the second largest urban area in Normandy.

Known for the 1944 Battle for Caen during World War II and magnificent historical buildings, the city still attracts a large number of tourists visiting France every year, and hence, it is a major tourist destination.

Unfortunately, not much about his parents and family is known.

Sylvain Anquetil
Sylvain Anquetil (Source: Normandie Cyclisme)

As Anquetil lived a low-profile life for so many years, withdrawing from major cycling tournaments due to his ill health, information about his personal life is scarce.

However, he was a married man. He is survived by his wife, Emilie, the daughter of Regine and Christian Rouque. Besides, there is no information if he had any children.

More On Sylvain Anquetil’s Career

The Normandy-born athlete Sylvain Anquetil was very successful throughout his junior cycling career. After taking his license at VC Yvetot, Sylvain won his first French cadet championship in 1992.

He later won the French cadet championship two more times. Similarly, he was the winner of Route de l’Avenir once and finished sixth in the road championship in Australia.

By age 17, he already had twelve titles in his name, four French championships, and selections for the world championships twice.

Sylvain later won the Boucles de l’Austreberthe and was also successful in the 1996 Youth Jersey in Montivilliers.

Unfortunately, he never became a full-fledged professional and ended his career in 2006, after winning the Gerponville Grand Prix and Pont-Audemer criterium.

Furthermore, Sylvain also played several editions of the Tour de l’Avenir and the Tour de Normandie in the late nineties and early 2000s.

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