Daiqwon Buckley Brother Michael Perry: Age Gap & Family Tree

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The names of Michael Perry, Daiqwon Buckley’s brother, and the former football player himself resonate deeply within high school football.

Dunmore High School in Pennsylvania boasts an extraordinary football legacy, and the two siblings’ names shine brightly in its rich chronicles.

Let’s get to know the footballer turned MMA fighter and his family dynamics, especially with his brother Michael Perry.

Daiqwon Buckley Turned Pro In 2021
Daiqwon Buckley Turned Pro In 2021 (Source: Facebook)

Daiqwon K. Buckley is a professional mixed martial artist and former high school football player.

Buckley fights in the Super Heavyweight weight class representing Kill Cliff FC in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA.

The fighter boasts a pro-MMA record of 4-1-0, while he has a record of 1-1-0 in his short amateur stint.

Born on 1996 April 10, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Buckley blazed a trail on the football field during his time at Dunmore High School. 

Buckley ran for more than 6,000 yards and scored 84 touchdowns helping the Bucks win a district title and reach the state championship.

Although he joined the Temple University football team, he redshirted his freshman year.

Daiqwon Buckley Brother: Michael Perry

Michael Perry, the older brother of Buckley, became famous for his talent, dedication, and legacy that transcends generations. 

Perry is Dunmore’s all-time leading rusher covering more than 6,500 yards and 92 touchdowns throughout his career.

Bound by blood and shared love for the game, these two athletes have showcased the power of family bonds in shaping athletic excellence.

Michael Perry and Daiqwon Buckley are still hailed as two of the greatest running backs to ever play for the Dunmore Bucks.

Michael Perry Played For Bryant Bulldogs In His College Days
Michael Perry Played For Bryant Bulldogs In His College Days (Source: Scranton Times)

The Dunmore native was born on August 18, 1991. He joined

A right-back for the Bulldogs reached the 1,000-yard mark in the final game of his collegiate career.

Despite his remarkable football legacy, it’s unfortunate that Perry didn’t pursue a career in football.

Professional Ventures

The Dunmore legend commenced his business journey as an Underwriting Department Intern at Excalibur Insurance Management Services LLC in 2009.

Likewise, he also worked briefly career as an Administrative Intern for Gotta Have Sole in 2012.

A Certified NESTA Personal Trainer, Perry also designed programs and workouts for student-athletes during college.

Soon after graduating, Michael joined Cigna, a healthcare and insurance company, and worked for them in multiple positions.

He has been serving as the Risk and Underwriting Manager for Cigna since April 2022.

Age Gap & Family Tree

The Dunmore Buck’s Hall of Famers, Michael Perry, and Daiqwon Buckley, have an age gap of five years between them.

Buckley had the privilege of witnessing his brother’s triumphs and challenges from a unique vantage point.

While he may have been young to understand the game’s intricacies during Perry’s prime fully, the influence was undeniable.

Buckley’s admiration for his elder brother’s skills and his pride in witnessing him dominating the field inspired his football dreams.

Daiqwon Buckley Family
Daiqwon Buckley Family (Source: Facebook)

Moving toward the subject of the family tree, Daiqwon Buckley was born to his parents, Connie and Michael Buckley.

Apart from Perry, he has three other brothers. Interestingly, the rest of his brothers, Jayden Buckley, Cristian Buckley, and Nico Buckley, also played football.

Moreover, Buckley was blessed with a son named Tyce Michael Buckley, born in September 2019.

The family tree that nurtured the athletic excellence of Buckley and Perry is a testament to the role of support and encouragement in shaping young athletes.

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