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Dallas Cowboys are a professional football team, established on January 28, 1960. Dallas Cowboys have massive followers, and you might be one of them as you are reading this article. It is very obvious for them to earn fans all over America as they have a record for winning 20 seasons from 1966 to 1985. But unfortunately, they have missed the win twice in 1974 and 1984.

With countless success stories, in 2015 Dallas Cowboys become the first sports team to value at $4 billion. And in 2018, their value raises to $5 billion as the most valued NFL team from the 12 straight years.

When Dallas Cowboys are getting so much love and support from people, so they have introduced vintage t-shirts for their fans, and it seems that their fans are loving them. Vintage t-shirts from Dallas Cowboys are classy and light on the body, which is why non-fans are sported wearing them too.

Below are the best Vintage t-shirts designs from Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys has a range of vintage t-shirts designs for their fans, and you can buy them on Amazon. Though these t-shirts are different in terms of design, their quality standard is the same. Below are the people’s favorite vintage t-shirt designs from Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys Men Overtime Win Vintage V-neck T-shirts

Vintage t-shirt
Vintage t-shirt

Check the price of Dallas Cowboys Men Overtime Win Vintage V-neck T-shirts

This t-shirt is a fan’s favorite. Of course, you can wear this vintage t-shirt to support Dallas Cowboys during their match. It’s very comfortable and best for the people who sweat a lot. When you are watching the game all day on the ground, your body will start sweating. This t-shirt is made of high-quality material that soaks the sweat preventing your body from smelling and keeps you fresh to enjoy the match.

You can wear this anytime on any occasion. Though this is an ideal vintage t-shirt to attend Dallas Cowboys match, you can wear it casually as well.  Pairing this t-shirt with any type of pants will make you look decent and classy.


  • 100% cotton, 4-ounce lightweight ringspun jersey
  • Officially licensed by the NFL and Mitchell & Ness
  • 1X1 striped woven Trim at Sleeve Openings.
  • Vintage Garment washed with left chest felt logo applique
  • Tailor fit: This style fits a bit trimmer in the body and sleeve

Dallas Cowboys Men’s Nike Legend Essential Logo 3 Tee

Vintage T-shirt
Vintage T-shirt

Check The Price of Dallas Cowboys Men’s Nike Legend Essential Logo 3 Tee

Perfect vintage t-shirt for young fans of Dallas Cowboys. This t-shirt fits perfectly, keeping the body calm and relax. This vintage t-shirt has a big logo of Dallas Cowboys in front and on the sleeve, it has the logo of Nike. When Nike is partnering with Dallas Cowboys to make this t-shirt, it’s obvious that this vintage t-shirt is of very high quality.

This grey color vintage t-shirt goes best with long pants giving you a classy look. You’ll definitely have a different type of look for different events but if you want the classy and fancy at the same time, then this vintage t-shirt from Dallas Cowboys can help you carry the elegant look.


  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Wash cold
  • Dir-fit technology to wick away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable
  • High-quality graphic design

Smash Transit Men’s loyal to Dallas T-shirt

Vintage t-shirt
Vintage t-shirt

Check the price of Smash Transit Men’s loyal to Dallas T-shirt

This vintage t-shirt from the Dallas Cowboys is ideal for those who are not a big fan of big graphic. If you like a vintage t-shirt with text that shows your personality, this is exactly what you are looking for. Of course, if you are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys you will have some common personality that matches them. And this t-shirt shows your love for Dallas Cowboys and your personality.

We don’t want to look extreme all the time, sometimes we do want to dress up very casually. So if you don’t want to look extraordinary all the time then, you can put on this t-shirt, and you are even showing your support towards Dallas Cowboys wearing it.


  • 4.2 oz. combed ringspun slightly slim-fit t-shirt
  • 90% cotton/10% polyester
  • Printed with eco-friendly inks
  • Available in 2 colors: Navy and Heather Gray

Smash Transit Men’s Dallas 214 T-shirt

Vintage tshirt
Vintage T-shirt

Check the price of Smash Transit Men’s Dallas 214 T-shirt

214 is the number that celebrates the friendship between Elliott and Prescott. Do you have a friend with whom you share a bond like Elliott and Prescott share with each other?

If yes, then what can be the best gift for them than this vintage t-shirt. You can gift them on friendship day, their birthday, or any special day. And it would be great if you buy it for yourself too. Nothing can signify the bond between friends better than owning the same t-shirt that defines friendship.

Imagine going on a trip with your friend wearing the same t-shirt and clicking photos. Isn’t it great to develop a bond with your best friend wearing a t-shirt that defines friendship?


  • 100% ringspun cotton
  • 4.2 oz
  • Slightly slim-fit t-shirt
  • 90% cotton / 10% polyester
  • Printed with eco-friendly ink
  • Available in Navy Blue and Heather Gray

Dallas Cowboys has an amazing collection of vintage t-shirts. Dallas Cowboys vintage t-shirts are 100% cotton, polyester-cotton, or 100% polyester. And if you’re thinking about how these fabrics are different and how you feel when you wear t-shirt of these materials, then here is a brief explanation about these three fabrics that Dallas Cowboys use to make a vintage t-shirt.

100% cotton clothing

Clothing made of cotton has many advantages, such as it is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and durable, and controls moisture. Cotton fabric act as a thermal insulator that traps air between the fabric fibers and protects the body from hot and cold. Thus cotton fabric is suitable during winter and summer.

Moreover, this fiber is also soft and stretches easily making it a comfortable fabric to wear.

100% polyester clothing

Polyester clothing has great water holding capacity. It can easily wick away perspiration during sports activity. And if you don’t want to use your time in ironing, then polyester clothing is what you need to buy because it doesn’t wrinkle.

Polyester cotton clothing

Combining polyester with cotton results in developing amazing material, which is soft and durable. What you don’t need to worry about poly-cotton fabric is their quality because they don’t lose durability easily, so that you can wear poly-cotton more often.  As poly-cotton contains the quality of cotton and polyester, it is a widely used fabric in the clothing line.

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