Interesting Facts On Damian Lillard’s Wife: Kay’la Hanson

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Damian Lillard’s wife, Kay’la Hanson, is a registered nurse and an Entrepreneur who is popularly known as the wife of the Milwaukee Bucks player.

Nicknamed “Dame Time” for his history of making big shots in the clutch, Lillard has received six NBA All-Star and All-NBA Team selections. The couple met at the University and rang the wedding bells in 2021.

Kay’la is a mother of three, a company owner, a real estate investor, and a Capella University graduate to be an All-Star on her own. 

While working in healthcare leadership for six years, she developed a duality for service and entrepreneurship.

Her Oregon-based nail business, DIPPED, was highlighted on the local news station KOIN as a highly recommended Mother’s Day gift for mothers.

Kayla-Hanson-Chilling (Source:Instagram-Kayla)
Kay’la Hanson, Damian Lillard’s Wife (Source: Instagram)

After a decade-long affectionate relationship, Kay’la became a member of the Lillard family and a supporting pillar of Damian.

Damian Lillard‘s wife, Kay’la Hanson, is a self-disciplined, enthusiastic, strongly dedicated woman and an excellent match for an individual like Lillard.

Without creating a fuss, let us take a quick peek at facts about Kay’la, and we shall continue divulging her secrets.

Kay’la Hanson | Quick Facts

Full Name Kay’la Hanson
Date Of Birth 8th November 1991
Birth Place Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Age 32 years old
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 5’5″ (165 cm)
Weight 62 kgs (136 lb)
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Skin Colour Fair
Tattoos Unrevealed
Hobbies Traveling
Favorite Destination
Marital Status Married
Husband Damian Lillard
Date of Marriage 5th September 2021
Kids 3
Kids Name
Damian Jr., Kalii Laheem Lillard, and Kali Emmalee Lillard.
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unavailable
High School Legacy State High School
University Name Weber State University
Profession Salon Owner, Registered Nurse, Entrepreneur
Net Worth $1M- $5M
Salary Under Review
Social Media Twitter, Facebook
Last Update April 2024

Quick Info About Hanson’s boyfriend

Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Sr. (aka Damian Lillard) is a popular and much-recognized name in American basketball as he was the 6th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Beforehand, Lillard constantly made headlines with his epic moments in games and league sports.

Kay’la Lillard with Damian Lillard in Paris (Source: Instagram)

However, he is leading the front page this time due to his engagement and wedding with his long-time girlfriend, Kay’la Hanson.

Kay’la Hanson | Age & Family

Kay’la Hanson is an American businesswoman and a mother of three children currently residing in Oregon. She was born on 8th November 1991 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sad to mention, but information about her parents and siblings has not hit the public record.

Kay’la Lillard, during her childhood, with her mom (Source: Instagram)

Still, we know that she is of Puerto Rican heritage from her mother’s side. As per her Instagram information, her grandparents seem to have African origin.

Mamelle, Hanson’s beloved grandmother, passed away in 2016, and her grandfather passed away years before.

Body Measurement

Being a mother of three is a tough job. Still, Kay’la has maintained herself very splendidly.

She has a beautiful body, weighing only 62 kilograms or 132 pounds, which is an outstanding health status according to BMI.

Damian Lillard’s Wife Kay’la Hanson (Source: Instagram: kay_lamariee)

Stating BMI, her height is 5 feet and 5 inches. The rest of her body measurements are unavailable for now.

Even so, if you look at her pictures, you will find she has a splendid figure that catches everyone’s attention.

Besides that, she keeps changing and trying new hair colors and styles, which is not surprising for the salon owner who promotes beauty items.

Her husband, Damian, is an athlete and a sportsperson, so his body and health are perfect. Also, the NBA has considered him to be one of the fittest players on the basketball court.

Education & Early Life of Hanson

Like a typical family, Hanson lived her early childhood and enjoyed her teenage years in Vegas around her friends and family.

Kay’la Hanson during her teenage years (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, she completed her high school graduation in 2010 from Legacy High School. 

College Life

After that, Hanson moved on to continue her studies at Weber State University in Utah. That was where she met Damian Lillard, which was the start of her new life. 

The then 20-year-old joined the medical field to pursue her career as a medical student. 

Kay’la claims she studied a nursing course at Nightingale College in Salt Lake City, Utah, from her Facebook account.

When Did The Pair Hit It Off?

Damian and Kay’la studied in the same college in Ogden at Weber State University, which immediately started a relationship.

Our star player enrolled himself as a scholarship student through basketball while Hanson was taking medical classes.

Likewise, Hanson was with Lillard and his family, celebrating his NBA selection and supporting him throughout his career.

Damian Lillard's Wife Kay'la's Pregnancy (Source: Instagram: kay_lamariee)
Damian Lillard’s Wife Kay’la’s Pregnancy (Source: Instagram: kay_lamariee)

The power couple has not talked much about their romantic life, so we cannot publish their journey of love for now.

Nonetheless, we can assume that it was a smooth and affectionate relationship.

Without dedication and care for each other, the relationship to complete 10 years of the period would be just a dream.


In the long run of the affair, the college couple has become parents to three beautiful children, two boys and a girl: Damian Jr., Kalii Laheem Lillard, and Kali Emmalee Lillard.

Likewise, Kay’la gave birth to a baby boy in 2018, the same day Lillard’s brother got shot and injured.

Damian And Kayla Kissing Their Child (Source: Instagram- Damian)
Damian And Kay’la kissing their child (Source: Instagram: Damian)

Eventually, Lillard proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Kay’la Hanson, during All-Star Weekend in Chicago in February. And they got engaged.

The Lillard’s are a family of five with the birth of twins, which happened in January 2021.

Lavish Marriage 

The rumors running about the marriage of the Lillard couple recently became true. The athletic couple tied the knot in the first week of September 2021. 

In the attendance of relatives and close friends only, Hanson and Lillard shared vows in the name of God in Santa Barbara, California.

Damian Lillard & Kay'la Hanson Wedding Photoshoot (Source: Instagram: damianlillard)
Damian Lillard & Kay’la Hanson Wedding Photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

The event was a glamorous function, with the participation of many former and current teammates and NBA players.

Not only that, among the guests were rappers Common and Snoop Dogg, who performed at the reception where Damian joined them and gave a particular song tribute to his newly-wed wife.

Kay’la Hanson | Professional Career

Even though Hanson pursued her career as a nursing student, she has started a beauty salon called ‘DIPPED‘ located in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

DIPPED was recently featured on the local news station KOIN as a highly recommended gift for mothers on Mother’s Day.

According to her Instagram posts, the salon seems focused on the business of nails.

Dipped Nails is located at Lake Oswego (

Currently studying for her doctorate of nurse practitioners program at the University of Portland, Kay’La Hanson still takes pride in how she treats her patients.

Kay’La was consistently praised for the one-on-one attention and foot massages she gave to her patients.

While working in healthcare leadership for six years, she developed a duality for service and entrepreneurship. 

She has started her new venture, “KASICS,” which focuses on manicures, pedicures, and nails.

To endorse her fiancé and to smoothly raise her business, Hanson chose to open her salon in the same city where Damian lived.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kay’la Hanson?

Let us talk about the worth and earnings of the gorgeous woman. Being the fiance of a wealthy star player of the nation, one could have just enjoyed the riches.

But Hanson is a woman of strong will and prefers to make a living of her own.

Initially rising as a medical student, she diverted to choose a different career and started a beauty salon in Oregon, Utah. And that seems to satisfy the needs of her family in a significant way.

Kay’la and Damian Lillard’s house near Lake Oswego (Source: President House)

She earns more than four figures when calculating the average revenue of a salon. So, evidently, we can estimate her net worth to be more than a million dollars.

If we talk about her fiance, Damian makes an astonishing income of around $42.49 million annually, which led him to enjoy a lovely net worth of $100 million as of 2022.

Social Media

In today’s time, everybody is connected to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And these platforms are helpful to people who like being updated about their idols.

Damian and Kay’la are socially updated and keep their fans up-to-date with postings.

Damian Lillard's Wife Kay'la Hanson Engagement Ring (Source: Instagram: kay_lamariee)
Damian Lillard’s Wife Kay’la Hanson’s Engagement Ring (Source: Instagram: kay_lamariee)

More than Damian, his wife Kay’la frequently uses social platforms.

Hanson posts those moments on her social media accounts whenever she is out with friends or cheering for her boyfriend’s games.

More of an Instagram Influencer

As Damian is a national celebrity, he likely got more followers than his girlfriend, 9.5 million-plus followers, to be exact. 

For Hanson, Instagram has become a place to explore and exploit her business and create a sensation in women about beauty and decorative products.

Kay’la Lillard’s Instagram handle (Source: Instagram)

Most of her tweets and photos encourage and inform people, especially women, to develop their personalities and willpower.

Although, right now, you will find more pictures of children rather than couples. Surely, who will not post about their children if they are the center of their happiness?

And if you have cute, beautiful children like Lillard’s, you will also be eager to put them in media memories.

Likewise, Damian often posts about his games and achievements on his Instagram. But after being the father of three, he is also all about being with the children.

Like us, you can follow the stars and be informed about their activities.


Are the rumors of the marriage of the couple true?

Yes, after 11 years of a lengthy relationship, the beautiful couple tied the knot in the first week of September 2021.

They organized the wedding event in Santa Barbara, California, inviting only a few close friends and relatives.

Do Kay’la and Damian have matching tattoos?

Sadly, they do not. Instead, Damian got a famous tattoo on his left arm where he has inked an entire passage of the holy book.

Damian Lillard was married on 5th September 2021 to her beloved long-time girlfriend, Kay’la Hanson. Kay’la is a registered nurse and entrepreneur who runs a ” DIPPED ” salon.

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