Damien Woody Wife Nicole And Kids: More On His Net Worth

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Damien Woody is celebrated for his remarkable football accomplishments. But his fans are equally intrigued by his personal life, including his wife Nicole and their children.

Damien Woody, a former NFL player turned sports analyst, has had an illustrious career both on and off the field.

In this article, we’ll explore Damien Woody’s family life and also take a closer look at his net worth, which reflects his successful post-football endeavors.

Damien Woody Has Been An ESPN Football Analyst Since 2011
Damien Woody Has Been An ESPN Football Analyst Since 2011 (Source: ESPN)

Damien Woody is an American former professional football player who was an offensive guard for several clubs of the National Football League (NFL).

Woody was born on November 3, 1977, in Beaverdam, Virginia, and attended Boston College. There, he showcased his exceptional talent as an offensive lineman.

Likewise, his outstanding college performance led to him being drafted in the first round of the 1999 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots.

Over the years, he played for various teams, including the Detroit Lions and New York Jets, and won two Super Bowl championships with the Patriots.

After 12 seasons in professional football, Woody announced his retirement on July 26, 2011.

Woody transitioned into a career as a sports analyst and commentator. He began working for ESPN as an NFL analyst, which he’s still doing.

Damien Woody Wife: Nicole Woody

Damien Woody and his wife, Nicole Woody, were high school sweethearts. They both were students at Patrick Henry High School in Ashland, Virginia.

Nicole and Damien met in 10th grade and have been together ever since. The pair got married on 28 July 1999.

The lovely wife of the former New York Jets Offensive is an activist and is very involved in the community.

Damien And Nicole Celebrated Their 24th Anniversary
Damien And Nicole (Source: Instagram)

The couple founded a charity foundation named PROS, People Reaching Out To Someone. Nicole feels that it’s important to give back to the community.

Nonetheless, Nicole has been through everything as an NFL wife. She stuck with Damien through good times and bad times and moved to different cities with him.

Damien frequently shares glimpses of their life on social media. He considers himself lucky to have the best wife in the world.

Damien Woody Kids

Damien and Nicole Woody are proud parents of seven children, and they reside in Mendham, New Jersey.

They have four daughters named Kamille, Jalynn, Alexandra, and Domonique and three sons named Deuce, Dontrell, and Jacoby.

Their firstborn daughter, Kamille Woody, graduated from the County College of Morris.

In light of her Facebook bio, she is currently working as Medical Assistant at Medical Clinical Laboratory Assistant.

Damien Woody With Wife And Kids
Damien Woody With Wife And Kids (Source: Instagram)

Damien’s other daughters, Jalynn, Alexandra, and Domonique, all graduated from West Morris Mendham High School. 

The Woody boys are occasionally seen in their dad’s Instagram feeds. They also take an interest in football and go to camps with Damien.

One of them even went viral last month for crashing his dad’s ESPN live shot for a “First Take” segment.

Damien Woody describes watching his kids grow and turn into young adults as the best thing in the world.

Damien Woody Net Worth

After retiring from the NFL, the football legend successfully transitioned into a broadcasting career.

He joined ESPN as a football analyst and quickly gained recognition for his insightful commentary and engaging personality.

As reported by multiple sources, Damien’s net worth is roughly estimated to be around $12 to $15 million.

It’s likely that Damien’s net worth will grow further as he continues to thrive in the sports media industry. 

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