Damon Arnette Wife: Is Former Raiders CB Married? Arrested

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Controversial American football player Damon Arnette has an interesting personal life, with fans intrigued about whether he has a wife.

The former Raiders cornerback is never away from the headlines and is a polarizing figure among NFL fans.

American Football Cornerback Damon Arnette
American Football Cornerback Damon Arnette (Source: NFL.com)

Damon Arnette is an American football cornerback who competed in college football for Ohio State. Subsequently, the Las Vegas Raiders selected him in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

He was a promising talent in the NFL, but various controversies and legal issues have halted his career. As of 2024, the authorities have arrested Arnette for possession of an illegal substance and a firearm.

Damon Arnette Wife: Is Former Raiders CB Married?

To begin with, the NFL cornerback is not married, implying he doesn’t have a wife. As one of the most polarizing personalities in the league, his personal life is always in the public interest.

In the fiercely competitive landscape of the NFL, the popularity of the players extends beyond the gridiron, reaching into their personal lives.

The dating lives of these athletes often become subjects of intense public scrutiny, with fans and media closely monitoring their relationships.

Damon Arnette Is Unmarried
Damon Arnette Is Unmarried (Source: Marca.com)

Balancing the demands of a high-profile career with the pressures of maintaining a public image can be challenging for NFL players seeking excellence both on and off the field.

This explains the fan intrigue about the marital status of Damon Arnette. We can report that the former Raiders cornerback is unmarried as of now.

Multiple Controversies Of Damon Arnette

Subsequently, Damon Arnette has had a highly tumultuous personal life history, never staying away from controversies.

He was released by the Raiders in 2021 after a video circulated on social media depicting him making death threats to an unnamed individual.

Additionally, he had been arrested in 2022 in Las Vegas following accusations of pointing a gun at a valet parking worker.

In 2023, he faced explosive allegations from OnlyFans model Danii Banks, who claimed that he had stolen her Cartier watch, phone, and money. Consequently, Banks made her allegations on the Pillow Talk podcast.

“He stole my Cartier watch, took my other phone and Zelle’d them all the money out of my account. I have it all on camera, him and his friends leaving my house.”

Additionally, she stated that he had done the same thing with other women. However, she did not get help from the authorities in the matter.

Arrested Again In 2024

The cornerback found himself in legal trouble again in 2024, as he was arrested in Texas, accused of possession of meth and the unlawful carrying of a firearm.

Arnette was arrested in the Dallas area on Jan. 6 at 3:30 a.m., as per the police report. The specific details leading to the arrest remain unclear.

Arnette Was Arrested In January 2024
Arnette Was Arrested In January 2024 (Source: ESPN)

Although the meth charge is considered a felony in the state, it is worth noting that such cases typically do not result in jail time. This is when the quantity involved is less than a single gram, as allegedly carried by Arnette.

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