Dan Morgan Wife Ashleigh: Panthers GM Married Life & Kids

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Dan Morgan wife, Ashleigh Morgan, met the former football player outside of college. The football couple is parents to three kids-Lexi, Brady, and Cali.

The former football player Dan Morgan played in the NFL for seven seasons. All those seven seasons were spent with the Carolina Panthers. After retirement in 2009, Morgan began his executive career in the NFL with the Seahawks. 

Panthers Have Appointed Dan As Their General Manager After Three Years At Helm
Panthers Have Appointed Dan As Their General Manager After Three Years At Helm (Source: Twitter)

After seven years with the Seahawks, Dan joined the Buffalo Bills in 2018 as their director of player personnel. In 2021, his former team came calling for him, and Morgan joined the Panthers as their assistant general manager. 

On Monday, the Panthers elevated Dan’s position, making him the president of football operations/general manager. Morgan, 45, will now fulfill the role left behind by Scott Fitterer, who oversaw the Panthers’ league-worst 2-15 season. 

Dan Morgan Wife, Ashleigh Morgan, And Three Kids

Dan Morgan wife, Ashleigh Morgan, has stayed away from the public limelight. She was previously active on X (formerly Twitter) but has been away from even that social media platform for a long time.

The last time Ashleigh was active on X, her husband still worked for the Buffalo Bills. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Ashleigh earned her degree in business administration in 1997.

Ashleigh previously worked at the financial services company Wachovia but left her job in 2003. She met the former NFL player in Charlotte, and today, they are parents to three kids. 

In 2021, Dan was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, and Ashleigh was one of the eight family members present to celebrate his induction.

Ashleigh Morgan Has Kept Herself Out Of The Spotlight
Ashleigh Morgan Has Kept Herself Out Of The Spotlight (Source: Twitter)

Ashleigh didn’t meet Dan during college, so she never got to experience his college career. But she says because of their son, Brady, she feels like she never missed out on it, as he always insists on watching his dad’s highlights. 

Ashleigh added that their son, Brady, was impacted the most by his father’s induction ceremony. Brady was shocked to know that his father was good at football. 

During her interview, Ashleigh said that Dan tries his best to be home as much as he can, but work keeps him gone and busy. She said the induction ceremony helped Dan spend the last four days with his family and soak in the experience. 

Like his wife, Dan also has kept himself out of social media. The football manager is available on Facebook but has kept his account private.  

Carolina Panther Dan Morgan Parents: Meet Dan Sr, And Cass Morgan 

Dan Morgan was born to parents Dan Sr. and Cass Morgan in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. His father, Dan Sr, previously played semipro football in Pennsylvania and was a commercial roofer in Philadelphia. 

Dan Sr was also the bodyguard of the former MVP and Dolphins legend Dan Marino. Because of his job, young Dan got to meet and hang out with several Dolphins players.

There is also an old picture of the Panthers general manager with the former WR Miami Dolphin Mark Clayton when he was 12. In many of his interviews, Dan has said he got his mental toughness from his father. 

In his interview with GoUpstate, Dan recalled childhood memories with his father. Morgan Jr said he would give his father a hand during his roof work.

Dan would have little league games on Saturdays, and he would go up on the roof with his dad on Saturday afternoon before the games and do roofing and play on the same day. 

Dan's Mother, Cass Morgan, And His Sister, Shannen Morgan
Dan’s Mother, Cass Morgan, And His Sister, Shannen Morgan (Source: Facebook)

After Dan Sr injured his back and could no longer work on roofs, he moved the family to Miami, where he went quarterback Don Majkowski during physical rehabilitation. That is when Dan Sr started his career as a bodyguard. 

In his conversation with Buffalo News in 2021, Dan said the person he called to share the news of his induction was his dad. The former NFL player said his dad had been there for him since day one and supported him through everything.

Dan’s mother, Cass Morgan, previously worked as a hairstylist at Studio 22 at Vino Salon. She is available on Facebook and has shared a few photographs. Dan also has a sister named Shannen Morgan-Rosemary.

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