Daniella Hemsley Husband Akonne Wanliss Is An MMA Champ

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Daniella Hemsley husband, Akonne, is her training partner, coach, and her best friend. He continues to be her biggest source of inspiration and support.

If you’re planning to go on a boxing bout, what bigger asset will have at your disposal than having a tested fighter by your side? 

In this case, Daniella Hemsley is very lucky as her husband, Akonne Wanliss, is an MMA fighter who is teaching her the brutal ways of the fighter life. 

Daniella Hemsley In The Weigh-Ins
Daniella Hemsley In The Weigh-Ins (Source: Instagram)

Daniella Hamsley may look like an average Barbie girl, but in reality, she is closer to Harley Quinn, whom she admires a lot. 

Sources have suggested that she was born on October 15, 2000, in England. She is an internet personality, a fitness freak, and apparently a female boxer now too. 

Daniella is a famous influencer with about 129k followers on Instagram, 269.7k followers on TikTok, and 37.4k followers on Twitter. 

When talking about her online presence, we cannot forget to mention that she is also an OnlyFans model who has gained many fans with her exclusive content. 

Hemsley debuted in her first boxing match on April 22, 2023, where she went against Jully ‘Poca’ Oliveira.

Oliveira dominated the match, and Hemsley suffered a heartbreaking defeat hence she came back in her second match stronger, better, and much more meaner than before.

Her recent bout was matched in Kingpin High Stakes Tournament against fellow influencer Aleksandra “Ms.Danielka” Daniel.

The pair went toe-to-toe against each other for five rounds. Hemsley emerged victorious at it via a unanimous decision. 

Daniella Hemsley Husband, Akonne Wanliss, Went To Camp Together With The Boxer

Daniella Hemsley is married to the beast of a man, Akonne Wanliss, who went to training camp together with his wife in preparation for the fight. 

The professional MMA fighter Akonne “The Jedi” Wanliss hails from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands of England.

The fighter currently stands at 6’1″ (1.9 cm) tall and weighs 145 pounds (66 kg).

Wanliss’s mother’s name is Sherry, and he also has a brother named Romario Wallins. Romario is a life coach and content creator. 

The couple has not released any details of their marriage as of yet. But in an Instagram post, Hemsley writes about how Wanliss is her best friend, coach, and “husband.” 

Hemsley and her husband share a very deep love for each other. Wanliss often posts very cheesy videos expressing his love for Hemsley. 

Daniella Hemsley With Her Husband Akonne Walnnis
Daniella Hemsley With Her Husband Akonne Walnnis (Source: Instagram)

In one of the videos, Wanliss claims that he will not cook for any woman, but as soon as Hemsley says that she is hungry, he is seen in the kitchen dancing and cooking.

The couple seems to also share a geeky side, as they can be seen cosplaying together. They have cosplayed as Harley Quinn and the Joker and also the Attack on the Titans. 

They are always supporting each other, training, partying, and traveling side by side. 

Wanliss is set to fight on the 29th of July, 2023, against Giorgi Gogotchuri. It is a lightweight bout hosted by Oktagon MMA.

The Scandalous Daniella Hemsley Always Has Something Up Her Shirt

The Onlyfans model did not disappoint her fans after her win this Saturday.

Aleksandra “Ms. Danielka” Daniel, a fellow influencer, challenged the 23-year-old over five rounds before Hemsley prevailed by unanimous decision scores of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.

However, after the match, people weren’t commenting on her boxing abilities. She dominated the show with her boob-flashing jubilation.

Hemsley was ecstatic with her first-ever boxing ring victory. She lost her debut back in April and eventually found herself in the losers’ bracket.

Daniella Hemsley Celebrating With Her Corner
Daniella Hemsley Celebrating With Her Corner (Source: Instagram)

As she made her way back to the center of the ring, she decided to pull up her top and show the crowd what was underneath while jumping up and down.

She was unable to contain her joy as she began shouting and celebrating with her corner.

Hemsley even took over Twitter, posting a similar picture from the locker rooms, saying it was for ‘Those who missed it.’

However, she did go to Instagram and apologized to everyone who was offended by her excitement. 

Truly a good sport Daniella Hemsley.

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