Danielle Collins Siblings: Parents And Family Tree

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American professional tennis player Danielle Collins grew up with her sibling, a brother named Joel, in Florida. They attended a public high school and played tennis with their dad and his friends in the park in their leisure time.

Danielle’s dad, Walter, emphasized giving training to his young daughter. She recalls going with her dad to practice tennis for two hours every morning before school.

Maybe because she was born when they were old, her parents loved her so much and wanted to give her everything she wanted even though they were not well off.

American Professional Tennis Player Danielle Collins
American Professional Tennis Player Danielle Collins (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Exposed to tennis at 3, Danielle Collins improved her gameplay, practicing tennis with people of vast age ranges in her community. Besides tennis, she liked running, jet skiing, and spending time on the beach as a kid.

She later migrated to Charlotteville and attended the University of Virginia, where she pursued her bachelor’s degree in media studies. However, she had already planned to play professional tennis from the beginning.

While at college, she won the NCAA singles titles twice in her second and last year, becoming the top-ranked collegiate player in 2016. She turned professional later that year.

As of this writing, she stands at No. 48 in the WTA singles rankings. 

Danielle Collins Siblings: Parents And Family Tree

Danielle Rose Collins, better known as Daniel Collins, was born on December 13, 1993, in St. Petersburg, Florida. She has an older sibling, a brother named Joel, in the family.

However, Joel has not appeared much with his younger sister in the media in all these years. He is not available on any social media handles, so information about him is limited.

Their dad, Walter Collins, has a small landscaping company in St. Petersburg. Now around 85, Walter is still actively mowing lawns and trimming grasses for his clients.

Young Danielle Collins And Her Dad Walter
Young Danielle Collins And Her Dad, Walter (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Likewise, Danielle’s mom, Cathy, is a former grade school teacher. 

Born to them in their old age, Danielle meant the world to them, and they wanted to give her the best education and skills. They tried increasing her interest in soccer, dance, swimming, and tennis when she was young.

When she grew up a little, Walter woke her up at 5:00 am every morning and took her to play tennis with his friends. The little girl grew up playing tennis with people as old as 70 years old.

Maybe because she was exposed to players with a wide range of techniques from the beginning, she later felt easier when she began playing competitive tournaments.

As she has made a tennis career, she feels ever grateful to her parents for introducing the beautiful game so early in her life.

Was Collins In A Relationship With Tom Couch?

As per the media reports, Danielle Collins dated her fitness coach Tom Couch after he began working with her in 2019. However, the two never officially declared their relationship.

Born in Australia to former AFL player Paul Couch on June 17, 1988, Tom is also a former professional Australian rules footballer. He played only three games for the Melbourne Football Club in two seasons of the AFL.

Danielle Collins Former Trainer And Boyfriend Tom Couch
Danielle Collins’ Former Trainer And Boyfriend, Tom Couch (Source: The Advertiser)

Despite his brief career, Couch received the 2012 Gardiner Clark Medal and came in second, competing for the Liston Trophy that same year.

After serving as a playing coach at North Launceston Club of the Tasmanian League, he became a personal trainer for tennis athletes.

However, Tom and Danielle Collins are no longer in touch. The two had already unfollowed each other on their social media handles in 2022.

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