Darius Vines Parents: Angela Cooper And Randi Vines

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Darius Vines, the Atlanta Braves pitcher’s lifelong dream, came true when he finally made an incredible MLB debut on August 30, Wednesday. Putting on a show, Vines pitched six innings of two-run ball.

Vines’ mother got emotional and could not stop her happy tears after the victory over the Colorado Rockies.

It was the first time in years that Darius Vines pitched in front of his mother, grandmother, and other family members, making his debut more special.

Moreover, he also wished his late father had also been present there on his important day; instead, he felt his energy during his performance, which helped him shine more brightly on his first MLB game.   

Atlanta Braves' Darius Vines
Atlanta Braves Pitcher Darius Vines (Source: Instagram)

Darius Marque Vines is a professional basketball player currently serving as the Atlanta Braves pitcher.

Born on April 30, 1998, he entered the world of baseball with the determined spirit to dominate the sport.

Vines’ journey in baseball is a series of moves and a narrative of growth, learning, and seizing opportunities that will undoubtedly inspire aspiring players and fans alike.

In 2016, the Houston Astros picked Vines as a prepster. The Chicago Cubs caught him the next year after junior college, and in 2019, Cal State Bakersfield became his ballpark.

While at Bakersfield, the Atlanta Braves chose him in the seventh round of the 2019 MLB draft, and he agreed to join them. 

Darius, who recently made his MLB debut, is a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves.

Darius Vines Parents: Meet Angela Cooper And Randi Vines

Born and raised in Oxnard, California, Darius Vines is the youngest child of parents Angela Cooper and Randi Vines. 

His father, Randi Wayne Vines, was born in Santa Barbara, California, on June 23, 1966. At just the age of six months, his family moved to Compton and later again settled in Santa Barbara.

After completing his primary education at Santa Barbara High School, he enrolled at Santa Barbara City College. Later, he transferred to New Mexico State University.

Just like his son, Randi also had a love for sports, especially baseball and football. Throughout Ventura Country, he used to train young boys. 

Darius Vines' Late Father, Randi Vines
Darius Vines’ Father, Randi Vines (Source: Instagram)

Discussing Darius’ parents’ relationship, his father met his mother and began dating in 1998. The couple married on their 13th anniversary on September 13, 2011. 

Randi had a blissful life with his 9 children: Randi Vines Jr, Bryan Gaines, Darius Vines, Gary Larkin, Sebastian Larkin, Dajyanah Vines, Dominique Gaines, Rioni Vines, and Maria Lebon.

Moving on to the old man’s journey, he spent over 2 decades of his life serving for MJ Tank Lines.

Remembered His Father On His MLB Debut

As Darius’ father was a sports enthusiast, everyone in his family gladly agreed with his decision to pursue his baseball career, including his grandparents, James  Vines and Ruby Ransom Vines.  

Among them, his dad, Randi, was the happiest to learn that his son, Darius, was into sports. His coaching helped the pitcher sharpen his skills and shaped Darius as one of the good players. 

Due to their love for sports, the father-son duo were the closest. Unfortunately, his father died in his sleep on October 12, 2022.

He was devasted when the Atlanta Braves pitcher’s sister delivered him the terrible news.

When Vines debuted on MLB and won his big league against the Colorado Rockies, he first thought of his father.

He still gets emotional when he remembers his father. He disclosed his dad always believed that he would make it once he got into the field. 

During an interview, Darius shared Randi’s words and said:

“I loved my dad – of course. He was my hero. He would always tell me, ‘This is our thing. Trust me: When you get there, you’re gonna do well.”

After the match, he also revealed that he was feeling his late father’s energy during his performance, which encouraged him to deliver a remarkable performance on his MLB debut.   

Even though Darius was sad that his father wasn’t there, his mother and grandmother were with him at the Coors Field stadium when he made his MLB debut.

His supportive family witnessed his success in his MLB debut against the Rockies.

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