Dave Canales Wife Lizzy Is Proud Mother Of Four

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NFL football coach Dave Canales has been married to his wife, Lizzy Canales, for over a decade. Together, they are the parents of their four amazing kids.

Dave and Lizzy met while attending Azusa Pacific University for their undergraduate degree.

Although Dave was two years her senior, they knew each other well through their mutual acquaintance, Coba, Dave’s younger brother.

Thanks to his brother’s help, they remained in touch even after Dave’s early graduation and eventually ended up as a couple.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator Dave Canales
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator Dave Canales (Source: Pewter Report)

Dave Canales is an American professional football coach who works as an offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL. Previously a football player, he played collegiate tournaments for the Azusa Pacific Cougars.

Born and raised in Harbor City, California, Dave attended Carson High School, where he primarily played wide receiver and defensive back. 

Contrary to many football players who want to play in the NFL after college, Canales wished to become a coach. Consequently, after graduating from Azusa, he began his coaching career as an offensive coordinator for his former school’s football team.

In his career spanning around two decades, Canales has become a part of several popular teams, including Seattle Seahawks, USC Trojans, etc. He joined the Bucs on February 16, 2023.

Dave Canales’s Wife, Lizzy, And Kids

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator is married to his wife, Elizabeth Henderson, better known as Lizzy Canales.

A native of Seattle, Washington, Lizzy was born to her parents, Bob and Margie Henderson. She also has a younger sister, Katie, who resides in Orlando, Florida.

Lizzy holds a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from the Azasu Pacific University in California. Interestingly, she was a cheerleader for her college’s basketball team.

Dave Canales' Wife Lizzy
Dave Canales Wife, Lizzy (Source: Twitter)

Although Dave was a football player at Azusa, he often went to watch basketball games with his best friend, Lou. During one such occasion, he saw Lizzy in her cheerleader uniform and fell in love.

After that, the two met several times because of their mutual friends but did not speak much. He was also a regular attendee at the bible classes which Lizzy conducted with her college friends.

In their book “This Marriage? The Question That Changed Everything”, Dave and Lizzy admitted that they liked each other from the start but never confessed their feelings while in college.

However, the two remained in touch after Dave left college. Lizzy’s friendship with Dave’s younger brother, Coba, helped them reconnect following Dave’s graduation despite living afar.

After years of dating, the couple eventually exchanged vows while Dave worked as a coach at El Camino College in California. Following their marriage, Lizzy and Dave gave birth to four kids: Ashby, Benjamin, Beatrice, and Amaya.

More on Dave’s Family

Dave Canales was born to his parents, Isaac and Ritha Canales, on May 7, 1981, in Harbor City, California. Besides him, his parents had two other sons- Josh and Coba.

His dad, Isaac, was a head pastor at the Mission Ebenezer Family Church in Carson. Dave’s grandparents founded the church in 1959 and were originally from Mexico. Dave’s oldest brother, Josh, is also a pastor.

Dave Canales' Youngest Brother Coba
Dave Canales’ Youngest Brother, Coba (Source: OwlTail)

Josh was previously a college baseball player for the UCLA Bruins. The LA Dodgers drafted him in the 16th round of the 2001 MLB draft. However, he never debuted in the major league.

Likewise, Dave’s youngest brother, Jacob Canales, nicknamed Coba, was a collegiate baseball and football player.

He previously joined the University of Pennsylvania for his undergraduate degree but later shifted to Azusa Pacific University, where he graduated with a degree in Biblical Studies in 2006.

Coba currently serves as the Dean of the Spiritual Life Department at the Azusa Pacific University.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Did Dave Canales play football?

Yes, Dave Canales previously played college football at Azusa Pacific from 1999-2003. In his college career, he recorded 27 receptions for 293 yards and one touchdown.

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