David Stearns Wife Whitney Ann Lee And Net Worth

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Baseball executive David Stearns is in a marital relationship with his wife, Whitney Ann Lee. The couple maintains a relatively private life and is discreet about their details.

He and his wife, Whitney, have two children, but their details are still a well-kept secret.

David Stearns may not be a household name among general fans, but he is in high demand among the league’s top owners.

Stearns is making headlines as the Mets are lining up to hire him as their new president.

Baseball Executive David Stearns
Baseball Executive David Stearns (Source: Sports Business Journal)

David Stearns is a 39-year-old baseball executive from Manhattan, New York. He specializes in the field of operations and serves the role of president.

Stearns is a Harvard alumnus who graduated with a political science degree. It was during his time at Harvard that David officially got into the sporting field.

Moreover, he was a sports writer for The Harvard Crimson and did an internship program with the Pittsburgh Pirates. After graduation, he worked with the New York Mets in the operations department.

The executive excels in various fields; he worked under the MLB central office, handling negotiations, labor relations, and salary arbitration.

Furthermore, his style of prioritizing youth led to the Brewers’ most successful run in recent years. Subsequently, Stearns earned a promotion to the role of president and established himself as one of the best executives in the league.

David Stearns Wife, Whitney Ann Lee

David Stearns is married to Whitney Ann Lee, but the exact details of the couple’s relationship remain a secret.

Neither David nor his wife, Whitney, has revealed any information. David is inactive on social media, and Whitney maintains a private Instagram account.

David Stearns And His Wife Whitney
David Stearns And His Wife Whitney (Source: X)

However, we do have quite a few details about how they met. The couple first met on a blind date while David was working for the Houston Astros.

They engaged in August 2015 before exchanging their wedding vows on January 21, 2017.

Furthermore, they are currently happily married and have two kids named Nora (born October 4, 2018) and Austin.

What Is The Net Worth Of David Stearns?

Regarding his financial capabilities, David is an esteemed personality in the league. In regards to his talents, he is a man of high demand.

Stearns became the youngest-ever general manager, appointed at the age of 30. Over the past decade, his service to various teams has significantly bolstered his financial standing.

As of 2024, David Stearns has an estimated net worth ranging from $1 million- $3 million.

Is David Stearns Joining The Mets?

The thing about David Stearns is he has always been a huge Mets fan. He used to listen to Mets games even during his childhood.

Furthermore, he worked with the Mets organization after his graduation. Now, the time has finally come for him to join the team of his dreams.

David Stearns Set To Join The Mets
David Stearns Set To Join The Mets (Source: Chron)

Indeed, it is true that the New York native Stearns looks all ready to join the New York Mets as their new president of baseball operations.

Although there have been no official confirmations, details regarding his contract are already available. David will be reportedly joining the Mets on a five-year deal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Is The Wife Of David Stearns?

David Stearns tied the knot with Whitney Ann Lee on January 21, 2017.


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