Dawn Staley Brother: Lawrence, Anthony And Eric- Sister And Family

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Dawn Staley brother, Lawrence, Anthony, Eric, and her sister Tracey are Dawn’s biggest inspirations. They have always supported her throughout her career. Among five siblings, Dawn is the youngest child.

Dawn Michelle Staley is serving as the head coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Born on May 4, 1970, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she completed her high school at Murrell Dobbins Vocational High School and committed to play for Virginia Cavaliers women’s basketball.

She led her team to four NCCA Tournaments, three Final Fours, and one National Championship.

Women’s American Basketball Hall of Fame, Dawn played professionally in the American Basketball League and the WNBA.

Head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks, Dawn Staley
Head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks, Dawn Staley. (Source: Instagram)

During her professional playing career, she won several accolades, including The ACC female athlete of the Year, the national player of the Year, a gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics, etc.

In 2000, Dawn began coaching the Temple University Owls women’s basketball when she was still a WNBA player.

Similarly, she was appointed the head coach for women’s basketball at the University of South Carolina on May 7, 2008.

Moreover, Dawn has won three Olympic gold medals as a player and also won several gold medals as the head coach of the US national basketball team.

For her contribution to the game, she was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. With this, she became the first person to achieve this feat.

Dawn Staley Brother 

A six-time WNBA All-Star, Dawn Staley was born as the youngest child and grew up with her four siblings; three brothers, Lawrence, Anthony, and Eric, and a sister, Tracy Underwood.

The Staley siblings’ closeness is visible in their enormous affection and constant support for one another.

When Tracy Underwood, Dawn’s sister diagnosed with leukemia, her family stood together to find a cure.

Tracy required a bone marrow transplant, and numerous research suggested that the treatment would be most effective if the donor were a family member.

Dawn Staley's Brother
Dawn Staley’s Brother (Source: Instagram)

Therefore, three of her siblings tested for the match, and her brother Lawrence’s stem cells were compatible for saving her life.

Lawrence selflessly donated six million stem cells during Tracy’s illness. While waiting for Lawrence’s transplant, Tracy underwent two rounds of chemotherapy.

Following the transplant, she underwent three additional rounds of high-dose chemotherapy. Her family’s love and support, particularly Lawrence’s, became her most significant support throughout this challenging path.

Even though Lawrence, Anthony, Eric, and Tracy are celebrity siblings, there is no information regarding their personal life as they are not active on any social media platforms.

Dawn Staley Sister And Family

Three-times USBWA National Coach of the Year, Dawn Staley, comes from a loving and supportive family.

Dawn was born to her father, Estelle Staley, and mother, Clarence Staley, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Her parents married young, moved into a three-bedroom, single-bath row house in 1967, and raised five children.

As the professional basketball coach was the youngest child, everybody loved and supported her, especially her parents.

Unfortunately, her father died from an undisclosed illness in 2006, and her mother passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2017.

Dawn Staley With Her Mother
Dawn Staley With Her Mother (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Dawn’s sister Tracy is also her biggest inspiration, and they support each other through the ups and downs of life.

When Tracy was diagnosed with leukemia, Dawn consulted every doctor and researched every effective treatment to cure her.

She also underwent the test to donate her stem cell to treat her sister’s, but she was a 5/10 match for Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA).

The Staley family share a tight-knit bond and always look for one another and always will.

Moreover, Dawn Staley’s success on the basketball court is undoubtedly a credit to her devotion and talent, but it is also a testament to her family’s constant support and love.

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