Denmark lost the match but won life of Eriksen

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Finland won its first major final match as they beat Denmark in a Euro 2020 match covered by Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen falling on the field.

Eriksen, 29, collapsed 41 minutes later and received CPR on the pitch as his seemingly anxious colleagues around him. Fans around the world watched in horror.

After about 15 minutes of treatment, the Inter Milan star was taken off the frame.  Supporters of both countries sang his name. At the same time, both teams spent the next hour in their dressing rooms.


It was then informed that he had risen from the hospital when the players agreed to restart the game.

At 19:05 BST, two hours after the start of the match, Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel returned to the field. 


Before the Finnish players applauded, all members of the Danish team. And spectators in Copenhagen gave all the players great joy.


The match resumed at 19:30 BST, with the last four minutes of the first half being played before a five-minute break for a while and then the second half.

Denmark was a better team before Eriksen had collapsed.

Before Eriksen’s troublesome fall, Denmark was a better team. Finnish goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky saved Jonas Wind‘s 20-yard effort. And header to Tottenham midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg over the bar.


The third delayed Euro 2020 match had begun in a powerful, loving atmosphere. With more than 15,000 people at Parken Stadium in the Danish capital. 


Surprisingly, though, it has been greatly reduced to a fresh start as attention is focused on Eriksen’s life.

Eriksen Christian collapsed on pitch (Source: India Today)
Eriksen Christian collapsed on the pitch (Source: India Today)

The visitors have never been ready for the World Cup and played in their first European Championship final. Led when Schmeichel was unable to block Joel Pohjanpalo‘s head following the fall of Jere Uronen.


Denmark had a chance to equalize when they were awarded a penalty kick after Paulus Arajuuri was ruled out for fouling Yussef Poulsen. Still, Hojbjerg’s foul kick was saved by Haradecky.


At the end of a night of intense emotions in Copenhagen, there was a relief.

Relieved that Christian Eriksen, who fell just before halftime through the Euro 2020 opening match in Denmark against Finland, was awake and “stable” in hospital.


And it is also free for those around him to work so fast, the speed ‚Äč‚Äčthat could have saved the life of the former Tottenham midfielder.


We look at how players, doctors and officials have played their part in helping Eriksen.


First, on the scene, Simon Kjaer and Danish players saved Eriksen.

Eriksen’s collapse while trying to find the throw started a terrifying figure in Copenhagen at Parken Stadium. Danish captain Simon Kjaer was one of the first players on the scene and erasing Eriksen’s planes.


The magnitude of the incident was unclear. And players from both teams urged medical staff to hurry.


During the revival, Eriksen’s distraught colleagues formed a protective ring around him. They were giving privacy to the other 15,200 fans present and millions watching television.

Simon Kjaer and Danish players saved Eriksen (Source: Sunday World)
Simon Kjaer and Danish players saved Eriksen (Source: Sunday World)

Many players, mostly sidelined, were in tears, and some pray. The 29-year-old Inter Milan midfielder was eventually taken to hospital and hospitalized. After the news of Eriksen’s resurrection, the game resumed, Finland won 1-0.


Medical staff – ‘We did what we had to do.’

Sports heart specialist Professor Sanjay Sharma, chairman of the Football Association’s consensus team, said: “something that saved his life was very urgent and quick to treat”.


Danish team doctor Martin Boesen spoke at a press conference after the game and explained how the incidents happened. “It was clear he was unconscious,” he said.


“When I got to him, he was on his side, and he was breathing. I felt a heartbeat, but suddenly that changed, and we started giving him CPR.


“Help came very quickly to the medical team and all the other staff with their cooperation. And we did what we had to do to get Christian back. He spoke to me before he was rushed to hospital.”


Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack during the 2012 Bolton Wanderers match. He recovered, but he never played again.


“It brought back the things I put down to me, this feeling below. Looking at it from afar and not knowing what was going to happen,” he said.


“It was scary, but a tribute to the medical staff. They did an amazing job for Christian. 


“I love the way his colleagues came together to protect him. It brought back a feeling you didn’t want to see on the other side. I hope things will be better for him. I hope he will pass.”


Players completed the game ‘Some of them couldn’t play.

Danish players have been given two options to finish the game that night or at noon the next day. However, after hearing that Eriksen was right, they decided to end it that night.


The match resumed at 19:30 BST, about two hours after Eriksen’s fall. The last five minutes of the first half were played before the five-minute break and then the second half.


Danish head coach Kasper Hjulmand said: “The players didn’t think they could sleep tonight. And they had to get on the bus tomorrow and play again. So it was easy to get out, and it was better to end it.

Players completed the game 'Some of them couldn't play (Source: The Athletic)
Players completed the game ‘Some of them couldn’t play (Source: The Athletic)

“It has been a difficult night. But, we are all reminded of what is most important in life having meaningful relationships, people close to us, our family and our friends.


“I can’t be prouder of those people who took such good care of each other. He’s one of my dear friends. 


“The players talked in the dressing room to decide not to do anything before we knew that Christian was conscious and was OK.


You can’t play a game with such emotions.

“You can’t play a game with such emotions. We tried to win. It was amazing that they were able to go out and try to play the second half.


“Honestly, there were players out there who were completely exhausted. They were made emotionally and emotionally drained.


“All our prayers are with Christian and his family. He is one of our best players, and he is one of the best players out there. But he is also a very good person.


“There are players who are completely emotionally exhausted. It has been a traumatic experience. 


“We have talked about those feelings. And it would have been better to say” no “if they did not want to play.


“Some of them couldn’t play. Some were ready. We just tried to do our best. But you can’t play a football game at this level. 


“It’s not uncommon to play such a game when one of your friends suffers from a heart problem. However, I don’t think playing such a game.


Schmeichel made an uncharacteristic mistake to score as the match progressed, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg saved a penalty. Eriksen used to be a penalty taker.


Fans also play a role.

Most of those present a combination of Danish and Finnish fans and non-partisans sat down. And they waited for the news, even though it seemed unlikely that the match would continue.


At one point, Finnish fans chanted “Christian”, and Danish fans responded by shouting “Eriksen”.


They all gave the players great joy as they returned to the field to start the game again.


Fans sat and waited for some news about Eriksen (Source: 247 News Around The World)
Fans sat and waited for some news about Eriksen (Source: 247 News Around The World)

“Most of the fans sat down,” said former Scottish winner Pat Nevin. “It seemed like they just wanted to hear some news. Then, when the new report was released, they shed tears of joy and relief.”


England’s quick-thinking officials

There was an important role in the events of England referee Anthony Taylor, too.

The official, originally from Manchester, stopped playing almost immediately and indicated that doctors would rush him.


He then lowered the players into the tunnel as it appeared the game would be suspended.

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