Dickie Bird Wife And Net Worth: Legendary Umpire Married To The Game

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As the name of the beloved umpire is being revered in the world of cricket, fans are curious about Dickie Bird wife. A true icon in the sport, he was married to cricket itself.

Harold “Dickie” Bird is renowned not only for his exceptional skills as an umpire but also for his unwavering dedication to the game.

Throughout his illustrious career, he became a symbol of fair play, integrity, and a deep love for cricket. 

Dickie Bird Celebrated His 90th Birthday This Year
Dickie Bird Celebrated His 90th Birthday This Year (Source: Twitter)

Dickie Bird is an English retired international cricket umpire and president of Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Born on April 19, 1933, in Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, Dickie Bird’s passion for cricket was ignited at a young age.

A right-handed batsman, Bird played first-class cricket for Yorkshire and Leicestershire from 1956-64. Sadly, a knee injury ended his career, causing him to retire at age 31.

His love for the game led him to pursue a career in umpiring. Thus, he began his journey officiating county matches in 1970. Likewise, he made his debut as a Test match umpire in 1973.

From that point on, Bird quickly gained a reputation for his impeccable judgment and unshakable composure.

Dickie Bird Was Married To Cricket

One of the frequently asked questions about Dickie Bird is regarding his wife. The legendary umpire, now 90 years, never got married, therefore, never had a wife. 

According to Bird, he had made sacrifices because of his commitment to the game. Witnessing numerous divorces within the cricketing world had kept him distant from the idea of marriage itself.

He never married, as it would have ”killed” him if he would have had a broken marriage. 

Although he came close to tying the knot on two occasions in his mid-20s, he decided to stay single and concentrate on cricket.

Dickie Bird Pictured Alongside His Statue In His Hometown Of Barnsley
Dickie Bird Pictured Alongside His Statue In His Hometown Of Barnsley (Source: The Mirror)

Nevertheless, the cricket legend regrets not marrying. In an interview with The Guardian, Bird admitted that not having a family is the only thing he missed.

The former umpire celebrated his 90th birthday this past April. He was treated to a reception at Headingley cricket ground.

In the interview prior to the event, he said, “I think I’d have made a good father, and if the lad had played cricket, played for Yorkshire, it would have made my life.”

Moreover, he stated that he gave everything in his life to cricket. There was no looking back for Bird from Cricket either.

In total, Bird umpired 66 international test matches and 69 one-day games. It also includes three World Cup Finals. 

Dickie Bird Net Worth

While the exact figures might vary, Bird’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere near 5 million dollars.

Despite cricket being his primary source of income, it was his book that made him a millionaire overnight. It was the best-selling sports autobiography in history.

After the success of his autobiography in 1998, he treated himself to a black Jaguar XK motor car for £70,000.

Bird With His Jaguar Sports Car
Bird With His Jaguar Sports Car (Source: Thisismoney.co.uk) 

Likewise, Bird made millions from his career as a Test cricket umpire and lives quite a luxurious life.

He drives a £50,000 Jaguar and lives in a four-bedroom 16th Century cottage on the edge of the Pennines.

Dickie’s legacy extends far beyond monetary gains. Reportedly, he is planning to leave his fortune to hospitals that care for sick children when he dies.

Thus, it’s undeniable that his earnings are a reflection of his stature as a prominent figure in international cricket.

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