Did Colin Friday Get Fired? Fortnite Fans Demand Him To Be Removed

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Did Colin Friday Get Fired? This is the question millions of Fortnite fans are asking on various social media platforms. Since December 3, Colin Friday has been receiving thousands of unkind comments. 

It’s not fun to see millions waiting to celebrate you losing your job. Fortnite Chapter 5 had all the hype leading up to its launch, but unfortunately, it received mixed opinions, with fans mostly complaining about the slowness of the movement. 

Colin Had Proudly Taken To X To Share The Update But Was Met With Negative Response
Colin Had Proudly Taken To Twitter To Share The Update But Was Met With Negative Responses (Source: X)

Many famous players of the games also took to social media to complain about the latest changes. Epic has officially acknowledged the mixed response and discussed its plan for handling this going forward.

But the man on the firing line is Colin Friday, who worked on the game for over a year. Friday has now gone private on X (formerly Twitter), and the hate brigade against him might not end anytime soon. 

Did Colin Friday Get Fired? Fortnite Fans Demand Him To Be Removed

Though it hasn’t been confirmed whether Colin Friday has been fired from his job, many want him gone. Many Fortnite fans have taken to X and TikTok to vent their frustration against the Fortnite’s Animation Production Lead.

The hate for the animator began on social media platforms when the notorious game’s newest update dropped. Though the latest update brought characters like Peter Griffin and Solid Snake, it also came with criticisms. 

And the biggest one was the slowness of movement. Movement is critical in games like Fortnite and PUBG, and once the gamers realize that the movement seemed quite off in the latest updates, they couldn’t help but put Friday on blast. 

Colin Has Gone Private On X After Receiving Barrages Of Hate Comments
Colin Has Gone Private On X After Receiving Barrages Of Hate Comments (Source: X)

Friday had excitedly shared the new animations on his X handle, but little did he know he would be met with thousands calling him to be fired.

He tweeted, “Excited to share something I have been working on for the past year! The team knocked our overhaul of Fortnite’s locomotion animations out of the park, and I could not be more proud to have been the producer of it.”

The developer has currently gone private on X, but his bio still reads, Animation Production Lead for Fortnite. So, he might not have been fired from his job, or else he would have removed the title from his X bio. 

But one Fortnite fan went as far as not only harassing Friday on social media but also doxing his old and new address.

The gaming community is known as one of the toxic communities on the internet. And the ongoing situation with Friday proves why it has got that title. 

Fortnite Fans Reaction To Colin Friday “Allegedly” Getting Fired 

The first news of Colin Friday being fired from the Epic Games came on December 4. One Fortnite fan took to X and dropped a celebratory compilation of NBA players and quoted the video, “COLIN FRIDAY HAS BEEN FIRED FROM EPIC GAMES.”

The video quickly gained thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets and comments. One fan even went as far as to tag Colin in a Tweet that had an application to apply for a job at McDonalds.

But some mature and understanding gaming fans have chosen not to go the same route. One Twitter account voiced their support for Colin and spoke against the animator being doxed.

The X user @JojoJosiah_ wrote, “Some of yall are f****** losers for doxing the epic employee that did the animation change. 

Running is .8 seconds slower than before, so you dox the dude that made the ANIMATIONS. Hate some of yall for real.” The tweet has gained 27k likes, and many replies support Josiah’s opinion. 

One user wrote, “Epic better ban their account. And they better take legal action against the person who doxed him.” Giving constructive criticism is fine, but going as far as doxing someone should be punishable. 

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