Did Tony Romo Have Plastic Surgery? Before And After Photos

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Tony Romo may or may not have gotten plastic surgery, as many fans question the CBS analyst’s youthful glow. But few fans think he might have got face fillers.

Romo, 43, the former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, played in the NFL for 14 seasons. He began his journey with the Cowboys in 2003 and retired with the same team in 2016.

Jim Nantz, Tony Romo, And Tracy Wolfson, Called Their Third Super Bowl Together On Sunday
Jim Nantz, Tony Romo, And Tracy Wolfson Called Their Third Super Bowl Together On Sunday (Source: Twitter)

He didn’t win any Super Bowl titles but was named to the Pro Bowl team four times and has a passer rating of 97.1, the highest among the retired NFL players who have appeared in the Super Bowl. 

After retiring, Romo immediately found a spot at CBS and was partnered with Jim Nantz. But after the recent Super Bowl performance, the lead color analyst has been ripped for ruining the final moment.  

Did Tony Romo Have Plastic Surgery?

Whether Tony Romo had plastic surgery or is the guy blessed with good genes remains a huge debate on the internet. Previously, in a poll conducted by the TMZ, fans believed it was good genes. 

But if we compare pictures of Romo from 2018 with what he looks like today, there are slight differences you can notice. Nowadays, the usage of Botox and face fillers has become common. 

Some celebrities have accepted that they have used Botox, but a few try to hide it. Previously, Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian, who has been scrutinized for her usage of medical procedures, said in an interview she had never done anything, and it was the magic of a drop of mascara. 

The CBS Analyst Might Have Used Some Botox Treatments As Per Few NFL Fans
The CBS Analyst Might Have Used Some Botox Treatments As Per Few NFL Fans (Source: Twitter)

Tony has never talked about his facial procedures and neither has he ever been quizzed about his looks. But it does look like Romo might’ve allegedly had some face filler procedures. 

After all, he has to put that $180 million contract to use. Tony rarely shares pictures on his Instagram handle, but fans can catch him on CBS. 

Previously, the former NFL player, Tom Brady was also dragged on the internet after fans believed he went under the knife. In 2022, the former quarterback was compared to the handsome Squidward meme, and some also called him Botox Brady. 

Why Are Fans Angry With Tony Romo?

It was in 2020 that Tony Romo was awarded a multi-million contract for his unconventional analysis of the game. The New Yorker even called Romo a “genius of football commentary.” 

And it was in 2021, a year into his contract that Tony started facing criticisms. Last year, Romo addressed the criticisms and compared his ongoing hate campaign to that he used to face during his playing days as a quarterback. 

Many pointed fingers at his declining chemistry with Jim Nantz and too much enthusiasm as a substitute for deeper analysis. But Romo said that his in-person interactions with viewers have been overwhelmingly positive.

Now, once again, Tony Romo is being criticized after what fans are calling a “disastrous” performance in the Super Bowl. The lack of teamwork between Jim Nantz and Tony Romo was evident. 

When the winning touchdown was scored, Nantz said,
“First and goal, Mahomes flings it! It’s there! Hardman! Jackpot! Kansas City!” 

Tony Romo Was Criticized For His Performance During The Super Bowl
Tony Romo Was Criticized For His Performance During The Super Bowl (Source: Twitter)

After Nantz finished, instead of letting the fans soak in the moment, Romo rambled on and on. Fans didn’t like it one bit. 

One fan wrote, “Game-winning TD and Tony Romo deadass rambled about BULLSHIT for 30 seconds straight that legit made my blood boil.”

Another fan gave more of a critical view of Romo’s analysis. The fan wrote, “Tony Romo was good and refreshingly raw when he first started, but he has noticeably-inarguably-gotten worse & worse the longer he calls comes.

It’s like he’s gotten more hyper, trying too hard, or has fallen in love with his worst impulses, like word vomiting all over THE big moment.”

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