Does Alex Pereira Have A Brother? Meet Sister Aline Pereira

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UFC star Alex Pereira doesn’t have a brother. However, he does have a younger sister who shares the same career path.

Alex Pereira has a younger sister named Aline Pereira.

Aline followed her brother to the world of MMA as the Brazilian siblings set to take the world of combat sports by storm.

Alex Pereira At The UFC Face-Off Event
Alex Pereira At The UFC Face-Off Event (Source: Instagram)

Alexsandro Pereira is a 36-year-old Brazilian kickboxer and mixed martial artist who gained fame from the international kickboxing event, Glory.

He is the former middleweight and light heavyweight champion in Glory. Pereira also competed in other kickboxing events like It’s Showtime and Superkombat.

After achieving indisputable status in the world of kickboxing, Alex Pereira shifted to the UFC. His fight against Israel Adesanya won him the title of Middleweight Championship.

Pereira earned the nickname “Poatan,” which means “hands as hard as rocks.” The name signifies his warrior-like willpower and harsh upbringing.

Alex Pereira Doesn’t Have a Brother: Meet Sister Aline Pereira

The Brazilian powerhouse is an older brother to his sister Aline Pereira.

Aline is also induced in the field of combat sports. Similar to her brother, she started with kickboxing and has currently moved to MMA.

Alex Pereira After Win With Sister Aline Pereira
Alex Pereira After Win With Sister Aline Pereira (Source: Instagram)

Aline Silva Pereira is 33-year old Brazilian mixed martial artist, currently competing in the Legacy Fighting Alliance under the flyweight division.

Previously, she competed in the Glory and challenged for the Super Bantamweight Title.

Aline sees her brother Alex as her inspiration and constantly shares his achievements on her Instagram. 

Likewise, older brother Alex is surely proud of his sister’s recent success in the MMA. Her crisp fighting style clearly showcases that fighting runs in the Pereira genes.

Alex Pereira Had A Harsh Upbringing

The Brazilian fighter grew up in the favelas of São Bernardo do Campo in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He dropped out of school and started working in a tire shop. 

Alex fell prey to the contaminated atmosphere of the streets and became an alcoholic in his teenage years.

He believed “sport saves people,” but he had no path in soccer, and since he frequently got involved in street fights, martial arts became his forte.

Alex Pereira With Coach Wera
Alex Pereira With Coach Wera (Source: Google)

His first trainer saw ample potential in Pereira and wanted him to climb up the ranks of martial arts. So, he recommended Alex to one of the top kickboxing coaches, Belocqua Wera. 

Despite failing at first, Alex believed the life he chose helped him to get past the alcoholism and shaped him into a disciplined human being. 

With the installment of techniques, Alex quickly upgraded to a top fighter, and there was only one goal ahead of him: to become the World’s Best Kickboxer.

Coach Wera fought against multiple gym coordinators to guarantee Alex scholarships since he was poor and couldn’t pay for an elite gym. However, Alex’s talent didn’t disappoint, and he truly stood out as the best in the business.

Alex Pereira Embraces His Indigenous Heritage

Coach Wera noticed something very special within Alex. Although he was not aware, Alex carried Indigenous blood.  

“I started bringing back the spirit of his ancestors with dances, bringing the mind and spirit,” said Wera.

Pereira Celebrates Indigenous Day
Alex Pereira Celebrates Indigenous Day (Source: Twitter)

This opened a new part of life in Pereira’s life, and he became a completely different person. 

The “Poatan” completely erupted, and thus his fighting style represented traditional and unique striking techniques that normal fighters can’t normally perform.

Moreover, Alex proudly represents his Indigenous side in his Instagram, displaying that he is carrying the will of his people.


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