Does Chito Vera Have Brother? Parents & Family

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Chito Vera Brother: From humble origins to prominence in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) mirrors a journey marked by determination and the profound influence of his family and siblings.

Vera has risen through the ranks of the UFC, following victories over formidable opponents such as Frankie Edgar and Sean O’Malley.

Furthermore, his upcoming rematch against O’Malley on March 10, 2024, serves as the main event, further solidifying his position as a rising star in the organization.

Cito Vera UFC Fighter In The Bantamweight Division
Cito Vera UFC Fighter In The Bantamweight Division (Source: Instagram)

Born on December 2, 1992, in Chone, Ecuador, Vera began his journey in MMA in 2011 as an amateur fighter.

He quickly transitioned to the professional circuit in February 2012 and became a prominent figure in the UFC’s bantamweight division.

Furthermore, his talent and determination caught the attention of UFC scouts, leading to his inclusion as a cast member of The Ultimate Fighter.  

In November 2014, Vera officially entered the UFC octagon, making his debut against Marco Beltrán at UFC 180.

However, he quickly rebounded, notching his first UFC victory in August 2015 with a submission win over Roman Salazar at UFC Fight Night 73.

Does Chito Vera Have A Brother?

Yes, Marlon “Chito” Vera does indeed have a brother. Chito is the youngest among his siblings,  including her brother and sister.

Vera’s upbringing was relatively ordinary. He came from a middle-class family, and his father was involved in shrimp farming. 

Moreover, his older siblings pursued higher education, while Vera graduated from high school.

Growing up, Vera had a penchant for getting into fights, which eventually led to him spending time in jail twice for short periods.

Chito Vera Training For His Upcoming Fight
Chito Vera Training For His Upcoming Fight (Source: Instagram)

Despite his turbulent past, Vera found solace and purpose in professional fighting, which he stumbled upon through a neighbor. 

Vera’s neighbor introduced him to professional fighting, taking him to a jiu-jitsu gym alongside the neighbor’s older brother.

This introduction sparked a dedication in Vera to train rigorously, channeling his energy and focus into honing his skills as a fighter.

Furthermore, he consciously decided to leave behind his previous habits, such as drinking and surfing, to fully commit himself to training and improving as a martial artist.

While the details of Vera’s relationship with his brother are not extensively mentioned, it’s clear that his journey into the world of fighting was influenced by the connections and opportunities presented to him by those around him, including his older sibling.

Chito Veras Wife And Family

Chito Vera is married to his wife, Maria Paulina Escobar, and has welcomed three children with her.

Originally from Ecuador, Vera met Maria in their home country before moving to the United States to pursue his career in MMA.

Maria’s unwavering support and encouragement were instrumental in Vera’s journey.

She stood by Marlon’s side during the challenging times of their initial relocation to the US.

Moreover, Vera also credits Maria’s support as a pivotal factor in his success. 

Marlon With His Family
Marlon With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Escobar is a digital content creator and host of the podcast ‘Conversando Desde mi Sauna.’

She stands beside Vera during his fight weeks, offering her support and presence. 

Together, Maria and Vera have built a loving family, raising three children: Ana Paula, Jose Ignacio, and Eliana.

Their oldest, Ana Paula, faces the challenges of Mobius syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. 

Despite these challenges, Vera and Maria have shown unwavering love and resilience in supporting their daughter, including organizing fundraising efforts for her surgery in 2018.

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