NFL Draft: Does Derick Hall Have A Brother? Meet Sister R’hana Gooden

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Fans of the 2023 NFL draft Derick Hall are wondering if the athlete has a brother or not. Regardless of the rumor, he only has a sister, R’hana Gooden. 

The 23 year-old football player has recently been selected by Seattle Seahawks with the 37th overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft. Hall plays the role of an outside linebacker. 

Before the draft, he was playing for his university team, the Auburn Tigers Football, where he was also voted as Team Captain. 

Hall Celebrating In The Game
Hall Celebrating During A Game (Source: Instagram)

The player usually shows great aggression and toughness on the field, and when this is combined with his brute strength, he shows the caliber to challenge players much bigger than him. 

His love for sports does not stick to just football. In his high school days, Hall’s performance in basketball and sprints were very commendable.

Hall won All-State honors in football during high school while being a state finalist in state finalist at the 200 meters in track around the same time.

Derick claims himself to be a jack of all trades. He says there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do. He goes hunting and fishing while also being good at bowling. Hall also builds his own trucks.

The player has survived a near-death experience of being born four months premature, as documented by the NFL 360.

Who is Derick Hall Brother? Meet His Sister R’hana Gooden

Hall has one sibling who is not a brother, but it’s his sister R’hana Gooden. 

The sibling shares love from their mother, Stacy Gooden-Crandle, who has brought them both up to become the person they are today. 

Gooden completed her studies at the Pearl River Community College, and she participated in a graduation ceremony on Friday, May 11, at White Coliseum.

Despite the love Hall has for his sister, it is speculated that his respect for the game of football exceeds the love that he has for her.

R'haha Gooding Giving An Interview About Her Brother
R’haha Gooding Giving An Interview About Her Brother (Source: Youtube)

In one of her interviews, Gooden says, “It’s crazy because people ask me, Hey! Where’s your brother gonna go? Where’s your brother gonna play? And I’m like, I don’t know. He hasn’t told me anything!”

His sister, R’hana Gooden, thought he’d be a star on offense because his hands were so large and he could easily catch the ball, but defense is where he found his calling.

 She claims to be Halls’ biggest fan and has always stood by his side as a pillar of support.

Derick Hall Injuries And Health Issues

It doesn’t seem like Hall had to sustain a lot of injuries in his career that made him sit out a game. During his time in Auburn, he was fit, explosive, and feared.

But on September 16 of 2019, when he was still in his freshman year, the defensive player had to leave a game early game after an “undisclosed injury.”

However, it was confirmed that Hall did not have to undergo any sort of medical procedure. He shortly returned to practice, where he was sighted wearing a no-contact jersey.

Hall In His Training Session
Hall In His Training Session (Source: Instagram)

Since the player was born prematurely, he had serious complications in his infant days. At his birth, he weighed just 2 pounds and 9 ounces which was small enough for his mother to hold in the palm of her hand, she mother claims. 

The first five months of his life were spent on a ventilator fighting death itself. But ultimately, he beat death, which gives us reason to believe that his purpose is far greater in life than what he has achieved till now.  

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