Does Iga Swiatek Have A Brother? Meet Sister Agata Swiatek

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Who is Iga Swiatek brother? The inseparable Swiatek sisters have always shared the love of tennis, but they don’t have a brother as per the speculations.

Iga Swiatek’s (b. May 31, 2001) sister Agata (b. July 6, 1998) is three years older than her and, apart from her love for tennis, has pursued the dentistry profession professionally.

Iga revealed in an interview while growing up that Agata was always the one who used to get all the coach’s attention on the court.

Iga Swiatek Polish Professional
Iga Swiatek Polish Professional (Source: Business Wire)

These childhood anecdotes show the Polish Swiatek sisters’ bond of love and competitiveness.

Likewise, Iga, with the support of her sister, has accumulated a 37-match winning streak and was the WTA Fan Favorite Shot of the Year in 2019.

In 2023, Iga is on day 9 of Wimbledon. In women’s tennis, Iga Swiatek is up against the unseeded Ukrainian professional Elina Svitolina, who has made an impressive comeback to Grand Slam tennis. 

Does Iga Swiatek Have A Brother? Meet Tennis Ace Sister Agata

Iga Swiatek, the French Open champion, has a supportive sister, Agata Swiatek (b. July 6, 1998), who accompanied her during the tournament.

Their father, Tomasz, initially introduced both girls to sports, with Agata trying tennis and Iga pursuing swimming. 

However, Iga found her passion in tennis and excelled, while Agata eventually left the sport due to injuries.

Agata’s most notable tennis performance at the 2013 Magnolia Cup, she reached the second round of the main draw, marking her only significant accomplishment before quitting.

Agata then further pursued her career in the medical field and is a dentistry student at the Medical University of Lublin.

The Swiatek Sisters Iga & Agata
The Swiatek Sisters Iga & Agata (Source: WTA)

Iga’s initial motivation to compete was to defeat her sister on the court, but she went on to surpass that goal by beating some of the world’s top players.

In addition to being a supportive presence, Agata’s experience as a tennis player has significantly impacted Iga’s technique.

Agata’s insights and guidance have helped Iga enhance her backhand and serve, which have become standout aspects of her game.

According to Iga’s Instagram posts, the Swiatek sisters spend ample time with each other while doing outdoor activities like boating.

Deep understanding of the sport and a keen eye for improvement, Agata has played a vital role in shaping Iga’s development and growth as a tennis player.

Parents Of Iga Swiatek

Iga was born to her athletic parents, Tomasz Swiatek and Dorota Swiatek, in Raszyn, Poland.

Her father is Tomasz Swiatek, a former Polish rower representing Poland in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

He won a gold medal at the 1987 Universiade event and was associated with the Polish sports club AZS Warsaw.

Iga Parents Tomasz & Dorota Swiatek
Iga Parents Tomasz & Dorota Swiatek (Source: Instagram)

The Polish government honored Tomasz and Iga after her French Open victory in 2020.

Iga’s mother, Dorota Swiatek, is an orthodontist who prioritizes education and has positively influenced her daughter’s life.

Dorota spends most of her time treating patients in a private hospital, while Iga’s older sister, Agatha, is also studying medicine to become a dentist.

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