Does James Nnaji Have A Brother? Sister Eunice And Parents

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James Nnaji is a basketball athlete whose origin is in Makurdi, Nigeria. The information about her sister and parents is not disclosed yet. However, he has posted a photo of Eunice, who is alleged to be his sister.  

The Nigerian professional basketball player doesn’t have a brother of his own. However, Eunice is alleged to be her sister.

Recently, James Nnaji has received a lot of love from his fans. The fans are eager to know about his personal life. Let us know more about James Nnaji’s life in this article.

James Nnaj During His Game
James Nnaji During His Game (Source: Instagram)

James Nnaji, born on 14 August 2004, is a Nigerian professional basketball player who plays for FC Barcelona in the Spanish Liga ACB and the EuroLeague. 

Nigerian basketball player’s journey began in his hometown of Makurdi, Nigeria, where he developed his sports skills.

In 2018, Nnaji moved to Ratgeber Basketball Academy in Hungary, seeking further opportunities to grow his career.

His professional career commenced with Pecsi VSK, a team in the Hungarian League. Also, in 2020, he transitioned to FC Barcelona B, representing the club’s second team.

Additionally, in 2021, he earned a spot on the A team of FC Barcelona, making thirteen appearances during the 2021-2022 season.

Nevertheless, his hard work has paid off, as James Nnaji has been selected 31st overall in the 2023 NBA draft.

The 18-year-old, Nnaji is an excellent rim and pick-and-roll runner for his age. 

Is James Nnaji Related to Zeke Nnaji: Are They Brothers?

After the rise in popularity of James Nnaji, fans often question his relationship with Zeke Nnaji.

However, Zeke Nnaji and James Nnaji are not brothers. They both come from different family backgrounds, which makes them separate individuals. 

The speculation must have arrived because James and Zeke share the same surname and are in the same field. 

Zeke Nnaji is also an American professional basketball player who plays for the Denver Nuggets of the NBA. Similarly, James Nnaji is also drafted in the 2023 NBA draft.

The player’s family background shows that James Nnaji is unrelated to Zeke Nnaji.

Family Background Of Nnaji

There are no details about Nnaji’s siblings and their respective professions. However, James shared a picture of him and a girl named Eunice.

Eunice is allegedly her sister, whose username is @eunice.nnaji.520. But, Nigerian basketball has not officially shared this information in the media.

James Nnaji Doesn't Have A Brother But A Sister Eunice
James Nnaji With His Sister Eunice (Source: Instagram)

Eunice has not shared any posts and currently has 87 followers. She follows 30 other users.

She describes herself as being born to God, adding a hint to her religious belief in her Instagram description.

James Nnaji Parents

Fans wonder about James Nnaji’s parents; sadly, there is minimal information about them as he has not revealed his personal life.

The Nigerian basketball player has shared a short clip of him meeting his parents after a long time (4 years) on his social media, Instagram.

Despite the physical distance between James and his parents, they have supported him throughout his early sports career.

Furthermore, the details about the professional basketball player’s parents are unavailable. 

James Nnaji Controversy

On Tuesday, James played for Barcelona in the 2023 Liga ACB Finals against bitter rivals Real Madrid. 

However, a disturbing and unfortunate incident occurred before Game 3.

James Nnaji was subjected to racial slurs and abuse by Madrid fans. When Nnaji exited the bus, racial slurs were hurled toward him.

Regarding the issue, Barcelona has condemned the actions of Real Madrid fans in a statement released on Wednesday.

The club wants the Liga ACB to investigate the incident and hand out the proper punishment.

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