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Jim Harbaugh doesn’t have an Asian daughter. The Wolverine coach has three daughters whom he shares with two American wives. 

From his first wife, Miah Harbaugh, Jim has one daughter named Grace Harbaugh. With Sarah Harbaugh, his second wife, Jim shares two daughters- Addison and Katie.

Jim’s first wife, Miah, was born in New Jersey, and her parents later shifted to Orlando. The 60-year-old coach’s second wife, Sarah, hails from Kansas, with whom he shares an age gap of 15 years. 

The Wolverines Coach Is Likely To Work For A New Employer In 2024
The Wolverines Coach Is Likely To Work For A New Employer In 2024 (Source: Twitter)

If 2024 is going perfectly fine for one household, then that is the Harbaugh family. At first, Jim won the national championship title with the Wolverines, then his brother John Harbaugh’s team, the Ravens, defeated the Texans and are one step away from reaching the Super Bowl.

Now, Jim is set to be hired by the Chargers as their new head coach. He wanted the job last year, but it wasn’t open. The Falcons have also interviewed Harbaugh, but multiple credible sites have reported that the Chargers are in striking distance. 

Does Jim Harbaugh Have An Asian Daughter?

The Michigan Wolverines coach, Jim Harbaugh, doesn’t have an Asian daughter. Jim has three daughters from his previous two relationships, but his ex and current wife aren’t from Asia and do not have Asian roots.

Jim and his ex-wife, Miah Harbaugh, share three kids, and one of them happens to be their daughter, Grace Harbaugh. Grace, born on June 27, 2000, has kept the athletic sporting legacy of the family well and truly alive. 

She graduated from the University of Michigan last year, where Grace was a water polo athlete. In her four years at Michigan, Grace played 56 games, scoring 12 goals, providing 14 assists, and earning 26 points. 

Grace Graduated From The  University Of Michigan In 2023 And Played Water-Polo
Grace Graduated From The University Of Michigan In 2023 And Played Water-Polo (Source: Instagram)

Despite her parents’ divorce, Grace has a tight-knit bond with her football coach father. On her TikTok, Grace has shared several videos of being a coach’s daughter, and previously went viral over filming her dad during their vacation. 

The father-daughter duo of Jim and Grace get along perfectly fine but do share different opinions over abortion rights. If the football coach is pro-life, then his daughter is pro-choice. 

Speaking to Business Insider, Grace said, “While I hold a great amount of respect for my dad and love him dearly, I am completely steadfast in my belief of women’s rights to choose. I am pro-choice.”

Grace’s parents, Jim and Miah Harbaugh, met each other during Jim’s NFL career, and they tied the knot in 1996. The pair filed for divorce in 2006, but the reason for the divorce wasn’t publicly disclosed.  

The Michigan Coach Has Two Daughter From His Second Marriage

The same year he filed for divorce from Miah, Jim crossed paths with his second wife, Sarah Harbaugh. Sarah is a Missouri native and was selling real estate before she met Jim in Las Vegas. 

Jim saw Sarah while she was getting her takeout and went up to her and asked if he could meet her. The football coach recalled their first meeting during an HBO interview in 2015.

The Wolverines Coach Pictured With His Daughter, Addison Harbaugh
The Wolverines Coach Pictured With His Daughter, Addison Harbaugh (Source: Instagram)

Sarah replied with a yes to Jim and gave her number to him. He called her nine times before she returned his call. Jim said he could tell she was a winner all the way. 

Two years after their meeting, the couple tied the knot in 2008, and that same year, the couple became parents to their first child, Addison. The two went on to become parents three more times. 

Their second daughter, Katie, was born in 2010, followed by their son, Jack, in 2012. The last addition to the Harbaugh family was John, born in 2017.

Jim Harbaugh Has Two Elder Sons 

With his first wife, Jim Harbaugh shares two sons, Jay and James Harbaugh. Born in 1989, Jay Harbaugh is Jim’s first child. 

Jay works with his dad on the University of Michigan’s football team as their safeties and special teams coordinator. He graduated from Oregon State in 2012 with a sociology degree.

At Oregon, Jay spent four seasons as an undergraduate assistant under head coach Mike Riley. Before joining his father at Michigan in 2015, Jay worked for two seasons with the Baltimore Ravens as their offensive quality control coach.

Jay Harbaugh Pictured On The Left With His Wife Brhitney, And His Daughter, And On The Right, James Harbaugh Jr Pictured On Duty With Delta Air Lines
On The Left, Jay Harbaugh Pictured With His Wife Brhitney, And Their Daughter, And On The Right, James Harbaugh Jr Pictured On Duty With Delta Air Lines (Source: Instagram)

Jim is married to Brhitney, with whom he shares two kids, a son, Jacob, and a daughter, Norma. The Michigan coach is available on Instagram, where he has shared several family photos. 

Jim and Miah’s second son, James Harbaugh Jr, is also a Michigan graduate. He works as a Delta Air Lines attendant and previously made headlines for coming out as gay. 

James Jr has previously talked about his coming out story and how supportive Jim had been during the whole process. James came out as gay after the 2016 election, stating that he was scared of how things were going to be. 

James Jr said his father gave an encouraging response and said, “You need to keep your head up as long as you do what you feel is right in your mind and live your truth (then) everything will be OK.”

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