Does Urban Meyer Have Brother? Sister Gigi Escoe & Erika Meyer

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As the former Florida coach is making headlines due to the Netflix documentary “Swamp Kings”, netizens are wondering about the existence of Urban Meyer brother.

Urban Meyer, a renowned football coach, and his siblings Gigi Escoe and Erika Meyer are accomplished professionals in their own right. They exemplify success in diverse areas.

Their stories reflect the power of hard work, resilience, and a commitment to making a difference.

Urban Meyer Joined Fox Sports In 2019
Urban Meyer Joined Fox Sports In 2019 (Source: PFA)

Urban Frank Meyer III, popularly known as Urban Meyer, is a college football TV commentator and former American football coach.

Meyer’s journey to becoming a successful football coach began early in life. He played college football as a defensive back at the University of Cincinnati.

His coaching career includes impressive stints at notable universities like Bowling Green State, the University of Utah, the University of Florida, and Ohio State University.

Meyer’s coaching philosophy and unique ability to mentor and develop young talent have resulted in numerous accolades. 

However, notable win includes three national championships, two with the Florida Gators and one with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Meyer has been working as an analyst for Fox Sports following his retirement from coaching.

Urban Meyer Brother

Urban Meyer was born on July 10, 1964, in Toledo, Ohio, to his parents, Bud and Gisela Meyer.

Similarly, he grew up primarily in the northeast Ohio town of Ashtabula with two other siblings.

Urban Meyer Grew Up With His Sisters Gigi And Erika
Urban Meyer With His Sisters, Gigi And Erika (Source: Facebook)

Urban Meyer does not have a brother. The legendary American football coach was rather raised with his sisters, Gigi and Erika.

While Meyer’s impact on football is widely recognized, his siblings, Gigi Escoe, and Erika Meyer, have been making significant contributions in their own domains.

Meet Gigi Escoe

The older sister of Urban, Gisela (Gigi) Meyer Escoe, is a nationally recognized figure in higher education and industry/community partnerships. 

The University of Cincinnati (UC) alumni maintained a serious academic life in addition to being active in her sorority.

After graduating from UC’s physics program, she completed her master’s degree and Ph.D. in economics at the Ohio State University.

Gigi Is Married With Two Kids
Gigi Is Married With Her Husband (Source: Facebook)

Escoe began working as an economic analyst for the CIA while completing her graduate degree. She returned to UC in 1991 and joined the Department of Economics, where she later served as the department head.

Likewise, Escoe served as the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education and Dean of the College of Cooperative Education and Professional Studies.

Escoe liked how the roles were student-centered and thus built a reputation for putting her students first.

As of now, she has retired from UC and has two daughters, Brianna and Maria, with her husband, Jim.

Meet Erika Meyer

Erika Meyer Judd, the younger sister of Urban, is the Director of Analytics at a retail data science, insights, and media company, 84.51˚.

She earned both her B.S. in Mathematics and M.A. in Geography at the University of Cincinnati.

In light of her Facebook profile, Erika has a working history with the United States Air Force.

Erika Attending The Cincinnati Buckeyes' Match With Her Husband
Erika Attending The Cincinnati Buckeyes’ Match With Her Husband (Source: Facebook)

However, she worked as the Senior Market Manager at Cincinnati Bell for five years after graduation.

Likewise, Erika took over executive posts at companies like Broadwing Communications, Whittman Hart, and Dunnhumby USA throughout her career.

Lastly, she joined 84.51˚ in 2015 and has since been contributing to improving the company.

In addition, Erika has been married to Jerry Judd since 2013 after dating for about two years.

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