Don Nelson Wife Joy Wolfgram: Couple Open Home To Fire Victims

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Don Nelson wife, Joy Wolfgram, is supportive of her husband, a former coach.

The couple believes in generosity and has done several philanthropic works for needy people.

Don Nelson
Don Nelson Former Coach (Source: Wikipedia)

Donald Arvid Nelson is an American former professional basketball player and ex-head coach.

With an All-American journey at the University of Iowa, he translated his skills to the NBA and secured five championship victories as a crucial member of the Boston Celtics.

Transitioning seamlessly from player to coach, Nelson’s impact only grew.

His coaching tenure spanned several iconic teams, including the Milwaukee Bucks, the New York Knicks, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Golden State Warriors.

Likewise, Nelson’s coaching innovation bore the moniker “Nellie Ball,” a distinctive approach that revolutionized the sport.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Nelson earned his place among the Top 15 coaches in NBA history.

Don Nelson Wife, Joy Wolfgram

In 1991, Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson and Joy Wolfgram celebrated a heartfelt marriage ceremony at the Oakland Coliseum arena.

Beautiful pink-and-white bouquets decorated the place, and approximately 300 guests attended the event.

The ceremony lasted 20 minutes, and they exchanged vows and rings.

Nelson Married In Coliseum
Nelson Married In Coliseum (Source:

Moreover, Nelson and Wolfgram had been married before and had six children from their previous marriages, who were part of the wedding party.

Some well-known NBA figures, like Dave Cowens and Bob Lanier, were also present at the wedding.

Ex-Wife Of Don Nelson

His first marriage was to Sharon Nelson, an American politician hailing from Washington state.

The couple was blessed with a son named Donnie Nelson during their union.

Unfortunately, circumstances led to the couple’s divorce in 1989.

As part of the settlement, Don Nelson was committed to making an annual payment of $50,000 to Sharon Nelson.

Notably, the divorce proceedings continued to be a topic of discussion until 2013.

During this time, Don Nelson tried to modify the financial support he provided to his ex-wife, Sharon Nelson, sparking further attention to their ongoing legal matters.

The Couple Open Home To Fire Victims

Former Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson and his wife, Joy, have stepped up to support the victims of the devastating Lahaina wildfires in Hawaii.

Nelson, known for his coaching career, has made a heartwarming gesture by offering his Maui rental properties to those who lost their homes in the fires.

Now 83 years old, Nelson transitioned from coaching to investing in local real estate in 2011. Moreover, what began as a side hustle grew into a successful rental business.

In response to the recent wildfires that ravaged Lahaina and nearby areas, Nelson decided to lend a helping hand.

Don Nelson & Joy
Don Nelson & Joy His Wife (Source: Facebook)

He’s opened up his properties to those affected by the fires, providing shelter for those in need during a challenging time.

As the flames closed in on their homes, families were compelled to escape with only a few belongings.

While residents went to great lengths – including providing DNA samples – to identify their loved ones lost to the fires.

Additionally, he extended his generosity to a firefighter recovering from smoke inhalation, offering a trailer home for the firefighter’s use once released from the hospital.

Amid the overwhelming challenges brought on by the wildfires, his gesture offers a glimmer of hope and comfort to those affected.

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