Doug Mcleod Wiki And Obituary: Hockey Announcer Dead At 70

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Long-time hockey broadcaster Doug Mcleod has unfortunately passed away at the age of 70. This news has saddened hockey fans, leading them to explore more about Doug McLeod and his Wiki.

Mcleod’s close friends confirmed the news of his passing on Saturday. They claimed that his family gave them the news of their friend passing due to heart issues. 

In his long career as a broadcaster, McLeod served the North Stars, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Arizona Coyotes.

Veteran Broadcaster Doug McLeod Is No More
Veteran Broadcaster Doug McLeod Is No More (Source: University Of Minnesota)

Doug McLeod became prominent in 1978 after joining the Gopher men’s hockey team as a play-by-play announcer. He would go on to work for them for sixteen consecutive seasons. 

Moreover, McLeod worked with the North Stars for six seasons, voicing in one of the most crucial games in the 1990-91 seasons, the Stanley Cup Finals.

In addition to this, he would often branch out to other sports, such as the St. Paul Saints baseball, Lynx basketball, and even Verne Gagne bouts.

He later joined Fox Sports North as their play-by-play announcer in 2012. However, an unfortunate slip-up during one of his announcements using “lynching ropes” saw him pulled off the air in 2019.

Despite apologizing for using words with racist connotations, the fans and the network were far from forgiving. Fox Sports Network eventually replaced McLeod, forcing him into an early retirement.

Doug McLeod Wiki And Obituary

The hockey community has been at a loss for words after the awful news of Doug McLeod’s passing surfaced. He was loved by many and an inspiration to others.

McLeod excelled at his free-wheeling style of commentary, which could sometimes intimidate his co-commentators.

Doug McLeod For Fox Sports
Doug McLeod For Fox Sports (Source: Awful Announcing)

Most broadcasters reveled at the chance of working with the legendary Doug McLeod. However, his ability to combine different words and phrases would often leave his counterparts without a word.

McLeod’s long-time coworker, Lou Nanne, insisted that he would sometimes be left with nothing to say but chuckle. The two had worked together with the Gopher, the Minnesota North Stars, and the Minnesota State Hockey.

Moreover, McLeod was the first voice to cover hockey for the Gophers in 1978, and he made it unforgettable with some of the most entertaining commentary possible. 

Furthermore, his use of phrases like “Buy that man a five-dollar cigar” or “northbound train on the southbound track” made his commentary unique and equally fun. 

Undoubtedly, McLeod earned widespread respect from the media during his incredible 50 years in the industry. What’s endearing is his equal love and passion for storytelling. 

His friends adored him, and his hilarious stories of his early days in the broadcasting industry were always the highlight when they hung out.

The Man Behind The Voice 

Perhaps the world will never really know the grandeur of Doug McLeod. He often had a larger-than-life persona on air, which is how people assumed him to be.

However, current Gophers coach and McLeod’s ex-colleague, Frank Mazzocco, stated, “He was a very private person.” He had a habit of keeping people out of his personal life. 

Doug McLeod With His Child
Doug McLeod With His Child (Source: Facebook)

Nevertheless, his wish for a private life never stopped McLeod from helping those he knew. Moreover, he had once offered Mazzocco an opportunity to call in his stead for Gopher Radio due to McLeod’s multiple commitments. 

Unfortunately, a prolific career had to end with a regrettable mistake. In a match between Blaine and White Bear Lake, McLeod called, “… all the White Bear fans get out their lynching ropes.” 

This led to his immediate suspension from broadcasting, and the network would eventually replace him.

However, to his friends and fans, McLeod will always be one of the greats. To them, one instance of misjudgment is insufficient to tarnish fifty years of entertainment McLeod provided.

Unsurprisingly, fans have poured in with their heartfelt messages on numerous social media sites.

The family has yet to announce any further details about his death and his funeral arrangements.

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