Drag Queen Paige Matthews Death: Husband Bid Farewell On Instagram

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Darg queen Paige Matthews has recently passed away. She turned 27 on February 2, 2024, and she left the world a month after her birthday.

Sadly, the exact cause of her death is yet to be found. Also, there is no piece of information about her health issues or illness just before her last moment.

Further, her close friends and co-workers are paying tribute to her through various social media platforms.

Paige matthews Was A Multi-Talented Personality
Paige Matthews Was A Multi-Talented Personality (Source: FaceBook)

Paige Matthews from Southern California used to work in WWH (asylum). Also, she remained a National EOY Finalist in 2023.

Besides, the lady recognizes herself as Celine Dion’s Illusionist and Trixie Motel Show Director. Not only that, she was a Saguaro Palm Springs Cast Member. 

The American queer athlete remained a dynamic personality with her involvement in various shows, fields, and platforms. Also, she was afamousr face on social media platforms with thousands of followers.

As per World Wrestling Headquarters (WWH), Paige was a part of the WWH Asylum Champion and WWH Women Heavyweight Champion. Also, she was involved in ECWF Hardcore Champion.

Also, she used to represent the queer community in various sports as well as entertainment nights, holding the title of Drag Queen.

Drag Queen Paige Matthews Death

Drag Queen Paige Matthews died this week. Sadly, the exact reason behind her death is still unavailable. Also, there is no hint of her health issues or any illness.

No source has confirmed her being hospitalized or met any accident. The only thing that has been circulating on social media is her death news.

Paige Matthews During Sports Competition
Paige Matthews During Sports Competition (Source: Instagram)

Sadly, no one has come forward to brief about the death cause or any severe illness about the social media personality.

She may or may not have been suffering from any disease. The update on her accident or any other injuries hasn’t been released till the writing of this article.

Paige’s family members, including her brother Chris Matthews,, might be busy preparing for the funeral. 

They may soon reveal the cause of the death on media platforms. 

Farewell On Social Media

Paige has thousands of followers on her social media accounts. Likewise, she had a close bond with her friends, relatives, and co-workers. 

Her well-wishers are showing love and prayers for her on social media platforms. Everyone is shocked by her untimely demise and is paying tribute to her.

Furthermore, Matthews was bisexual and had a girlfriend. However, there is not much data on her husband. 

Paige Matthews With Her Friend
Paige Matthews With Her Friend (Source: Facebook)

One of her close friends, Marina Mac, a Drag Queen Performer, wrote on her Facebook account, 

If someone told me that the last time I would chat with you was on Feb 2nd in the early morning, I’d say they’re crazy. Sadly, it was the case. Paige Matthews, I cannot believe you’ve moved on to the other world. So young, so fucking talented, and such a great person. I’ll miss our mean chats to each other.

Also, other social media users and Paige’s friends are mourning her death on social media accounts.



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