Is Drew Fowler Related To Chris Fowler? Family Tree

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Due to their shared surname, fans are trying to find a relationship between linebacker Drew Fowler and broadcaster Chris Fowler.

However, Drew Fowler is not related to Chris Fowler in any way. Their hometowns are also miles apart, let alone any familial ties between them.

Drew Fowler After His Work Out In The Gym
Drew Fowler After His Work Out In The Gym (Source: Instagram)

Drew Fowler, born November 4, 1978, is a senior linebacker from Bellevue, Washington.

He has become a vital player for the University of Washington Huskies football team.

Fowler studied at the Bellevue High School. As a standout athlete, he helped Bellevue to a 12-1 record and the state 3A quarterfinals during his senior year.

Fowler carried on his football career at the University of Washington, where he currently plays as a linebacker.

On the other hand, Chris Fowler is an American sports broadcaster for ESPN. He is the play-by-play announcer for Saturday Night Football on ABC and ESPN’s tennis coverage.

Chris is also well known for having worked on College GameDay, which he hosted from 1990 to 2014.

Is Drew Fowler Related To Chris Fowler?

Based on our research, there is no familial relationship between Drew Fowler and Chris Fowler.

We conducted thorough research but found no connections in the family trees of the two individuals.

While they may share the same surname, Drew and Chris are quite distinct from one another in their personal lives.

To begin with, let’s examine their places of birth: Drew was born in Bellevue, Washington, whereas Chris was born and raised near the mountains of Colorado.

Given that Chris is older than Drew, one might speculate about their father-son or brotherly relationship. However, this isn’t the case; Drew was born to Peggy and Stephen Fowler.

Drew’s father works as an Operations Manager, while his mother serves as a Sees Candies Manager.

Chris Fowler Posing For An Televsion Advertisement
Chris Fowler Posing For A Television Advertisement (Source: Instagram)

Drew has a younger brother named Austin and two older sisters, Suzanne and Amanda.

In addition, Chris is married to Jennifer Dempster, a former fitness model and instructor. Some might recognize her from her appearances on ESPN’s ‘BodyShaping’ show from the 1990s.

While details about Chris’s mother remain limited, his father, Knox Fowler, was a theatre professor at Penn State University.

Contract Extension

In late August 2023, ESPN’s long-time college football voice, Chris Fowler, signed a multi-year contract extension.

This enabled him to retain his job in calling college football games, including the national championship.

He had become the network’s No. 2 play-by-play announcer on Monday Night Football.

During the offseason, Fowler sought a raise as the principal play-by-play commentator for college football and tennis.

Chris Fowler Posing Infront Of Mount Everest
Chris Fowler Posing In Front Of Mount Everest (Source: Instagram)

But his 10-year, $30 million deal was only renewed with a minor increase. Then, ESPN faced significant layoffs and a cost-cutting push by its parent firm, Disney.

So, it was seeking to remove employment, particularly those earning between $2 million and $5 million per year.

Despite significant layoffs in various roles, the company did not affect key personalities like Fowler.

The decision elicits mixed reactions from fans, as many are still adjusting to Fowler’s commentary style.

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