Duke Coach Manny Diaz Family: Wife Stephanie Cerow And Kids

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With the recent announcement of Manny Diaz being hired as the new head coach of Duke University, his family couldn’t be happier.

The university made the big announcement recently that Diaz will be the 23rd head coach in Blue Devil football history.

Manny Diaz’s appointment as the new head coach of Duke University has caused quite a stir in the football world.

A New Head Coach of Duke Uni, Manny Diaz
A New Head Coach of Duke Uni, Manny Diaz (Source: X)

Diaz is a well-respected coach with almost 25 years of experience in the field.

Diaz began his coaching journey with Florida State University in 1998, where he worked as a defensive coordinator for two seasons under the guidance of Mickey Andrews.

Diaz’s impressive track record in coaching eventually led him to become the head football coach at Temple University in 2018.

In 2021, Diaz was hired as the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Penn State University.

Diaz’s family is said to be thrilled with the news of his latest appointment, and many are eagerly anticipating the impact he will make in his new role at Duke University.

With his extensive experience and impressive carrer, Diaz is sure to lead the Blue Devils to new heights.

Duke Coach Manny Diaz Family

Manny Diaz is a family man. He has a lovely wife named Stephanie and three sons, namely Colin, Gavin, and Manny.

The Diaz family consists of six members in total, including Manny’s children, wife, and parents.

Manny’s father, Manny Sr., is a Cuban-American figure with a political background. He held the position of chair of the Florida Democratic Party and served as the mayor of Miami, Florida.

Manny values his family deeply and often shares glimpses of their life together through his Instagram account.

Wife Stephanie Cerow

Manny Diaz from Miami is currently married to Stephanie Cerow, and together they have three sons named Colin, Gavin, and Manny.

The family has lived in Miami for many years, with Manny and Stephanie a devoted couple who have raised their children there.

Manny first met Stephanie while studying at FSU, where he earned his degree in media communications.

Manny Diaz With His Wife
Manny Diaz With His Wife (Source: Instagram)

Stephanie played a significant role in Manny’s life. In an interview with The Athletic, Diaz highlighted how his wife supported his coaching ambitions while caring for their children during their early years.

Diaz also mentioned that Stephanie was the driving force behind pursuing their dreams, even though, it seemed like a risky venture.

Although Diaz prefers privacy, she occasionally shares moments from her life and supports her husband during games.

The Couple Shares Three Kids Together

Stephanie and Manny are a couple blessed with three sons.

One of their sons, Gavin, was an active participant in soccer, lacrosse, and football while studying at Westminster Christian School.

Manny Diaz Family
Manny Diaz With His Family (Source: Instagram)

However, he decided to focus on communications studies in college and didn’t pursue football.

Colin, another son of Stephanie and Manny, played football in high school, but we don’t have any information about his current activities.

The youngest son, Manny Jr., turned 18 earlier this year.

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