Dwyane Wade Father: Meet Dwyane Wade Sr.

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The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer, Dwyane Wade, was born on January 17, 1982, in Chicago, Illinois to his mother JoLinda and his father, Dwyane Wade Sr.

Wade’s unique name spelling, shared by both him and his father, finds its origins in his grandmother’s influence.

Before marrying Wade’s father, JoLinda was already a mother to two children.

D Wade With His Father
D Wade With His Father (Source: Essence)

However, with Wade‘s father, she welcomed two more children into the world: Dwyane and his elder sister Tragil.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship came to an end when Wade was merely four months old.

Recounting his formative years on the South Side of Chicago, Wade characterized his early childhood as a period of challenges and trials.

Dwyane Wade Father: Meet Dwyane Wade Sr.

Following his parents’ divorce, JoLinda was granted custody of their two children.

Sadly, JoLinda grappled with drug addiction, which led her into a cycle of criminal activities resulting in her imprisonment.

At the tender age of eight, Tragil orchestrated a ruse, convincing her brother Dwyane that they were going to watch a movie, only to redirect him to live with their father and stepmother.

Wade’s interactions with his mother became sporadic until his father relocated the family to Robbins, Illinois, a move that kept them apart for two years.

Amid these challenges, Wade found solace and direction in sports, specifically basketball, and football, skillfully evading the pitfalls of drugs and gang affiliations.

Wade attributed his positive trajectory to his sister Tragil, recognizing her as the pivotal force that guided him onto the right path.

As he grew up, Wade’s admiration for Michael Jordan was unwavering, profoundly influencing his own playing style.

On October 14, 2001, as Wade’s basketball career began to flourish, JoLinda made a heartfelt commitment to overhaul her life.

She asserts that since 2003, she has successfully refrained from drug use, marking a significant turning point.

Hall Of Fame Induction

Amid his induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Dwyane Wade created a heartwarming memory by sharing a touching moment with his father, Dwyane Wade Sr.

With genuine emotion, he invited Dwyane Wade Sr. to stand alongside him on the grand stage, and in a poignant exchange, he expressed, “we in the hall of fame dog.”

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