Dylan Laube Age & Wikipedia: Football Player Shining In Senior Bowl

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The rising football prodigy Dylan Laube has yet to reveal his age. It may come to light once he gets an opportunity to get drafted in the NFL.  

We have prepared an in-depth Wiki on his life so read till the end to find out everything about him.

Dylan Laube Jumping Through The Opponent
Dylan Laube Jumping Through The Opponent (Source: Instagram)

Dylan Laube is a senior running back for the New Hampshire Wildcats. Fans are expecting him to have a huge impact in the 2024 NFL draft.

As of February 2024, Laube is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 207 pounds. He is from Westhampton, New York.

His versatility distinguishes him as a top prospect which allows him to easily switch between various positions.

Laube began playing football at the age of five, first with his older brother but later realised his interest to play as running back the following year.

Despite his initial dissatisfaction, Laube’s passion for football grew, propelling him to success both on and off the field.

Beyond football, Laube was highly recognised as a lacrosse player who showed his athleticism and talent in numerous sports.

Dylan Laube Age & Wikipedia

It appears like Dylan Laube wants to keep his age hidden from the world at this moment. 

He hasn’t flashed any information regarding his age or birthdate anywhere for now. 

Maybe we will get more insight into Laube’s age when he gets drafted in the NFL. 

But he must be a very young player as he is just in his senior year of college right now. 

Laube is currently majoring in Kinesiology: Health & Physical Education at the University of New Hampshire.

Furthermore, Laube graduated from Westhampton Beach High School where he was an excellent player and student.

He scored 120 touchdowns in his career, including a Long Island record 47 as a senior, and helped the school earn its first Long Island class championship.

Dylan Laube Grinding In The Gym
Dylan Laube Grinding In The Gym (Source: Instagram)

He sprinted for 2,680 yards as a senior and won the Hansen Award as Suffolk’s top player.

They had selected Laube as the All-USA New York by USA Today. He also participated in the Empire Challenge All-Star Game and fans voted him as All-Long Island by Newsday.

Despite his achievements, he received just a single athletic scholarship deal. FCS New Hampshire Wildcats had offered this deal and he is currently playing there.

Laube’s triumph in his collegiate career has earned him a reputation which got him the opportunity to play in the prestigious Senior Bowl.

Laube Shining In Senior Bowl

Lan Laube’s performance in the Senior Bowl demonstrated his exceptional talent and adaptability, drawing the attention of scouts and experts alike.

Despite his diminutive stature, Laube’s speed and agility were evident during the training and exercises leading up to the game.

Tyler’s scouting report emphasized Laube’s unique skill set, citing his ability to flourish not only as a running back but also as a slot receiver, demonstrating his versatility on the field.

Dylan Laube Enjoying His Free Time At The Beach
Dylan Laube Enjoying His Free Time At The Beach (Source: Instagram)

Throughout the week, Laube showcased his athleticism and playmaking skills. This has solidified his status as one of the most versatile draft prospects.

He has shown his ability to make plays from a variety of places, including the backfield and the slot, while also dominating one-on-one battles with elite prospects.

His performance at the Senior Bowl dramatically increased his value in the eyes of NFL teams. This has placed him as a potential bargain in the forthcoming draft.

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