Ed Cooley Mistress: Did He Cheat On His Wife?

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Ed Cooley Mistress: Various speculations have been going on regarding the marital status of the head coach, with some suggesting that he has cheated on his wife multiple times.

The coach has established himself as a notable figure in the basketball world. However, his reputation has been struggling since the day people speculated about his affair.

The Coach Signed With Georgetown In March 2023
The Coach Signed With Georgetown In March 2023 (Source: Wikipedia)

Ed Cooley, an American college basketball coach, has been serving as the head coach of the Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball program since 2023.

Commencing his journey in 1994, he initially worked as an assistant coach at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. 

Cooley held the same position at Stonehill from 1995-96, Rhode Island from 1996-97, and Boston College from 1997-06.

Further, as a head coach, Cooley boasts two decades of experience, with stints at Fairfield, Providence, and Georgetown. 

During his twelve-year tenure with Providence, the coach led the team to greater heights, achieving victory in both the Big East Tournament and Big East Regular Season.

Likewise, in recognition of his work, he has earned numerous honors, including the national Naismith College Coach of the Year and the inaugural 2010 Ben Jobe Award.

Ed Cooley Mistress: Did He Cheat On His Wife

Ed Cooley and his wife, Nurys Cooley, have been together for over three decades, and they share two kids, Olivia and Isaiah.

However, there have been rumors circulating for a while now that suggest the head coach has been involved in extramarital affairs with multiple mistresses.

A tweet shared on March 21, 2023, mentioned that coach Cooley was notoriously cheating on his wife with multiple women. This affair came to light after he was found with one of his mistress when his car broke down.

Ed Cooley Might Have Cheated On His Wife
Ed Cooley Might Have Cheated On His Wife (Source: CBS Sports)

The coach’s reputation suffered when people accused him of having multiple relationships outside his marriage.

Given these, it seems like Cooley and his wife are still together, as there are no reports of their divorce.

Nevertheless, before concluding, it is necessary to understand that these are just unsubstantial allegations or unverified claims.

All About His Family Life

Born on September 10, 1969, Edward Smith and Jane Cooley are the parents of the head coach, Ed Cooley.

He grew up in a household of nine kids, raised by his mother on welfare in the low-income neighborhood of South Providence. Well, his father was rarely around for his kids.

Given that, his childhood was difficult, as he often struggled to obtain necessities such as food and clothes.

Also, he worked at multiple places around his neighborhood, at the school or the community center, cleaning yards and organizing basements.

Ed Cooley Grew Up Living A Harsh Childhood
Ed Cooley Grew Up Living A Harsh Childhood (Source: The Boston Globe)

“It was hard for me growing up in South Providence. I was an outcast. I never had good clothes or any money.”, Cooley once mentioned in an interview.

Fortunately, his neighbors, Gloria and Eddie Searight, took him in and provided Cooley with a good place. To this day, the coach acknowledges them for their help during his struggling days.

Further, growing up, Cooley used basketball to scramble out, and today, he has become the person he always dreamed of.

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