Edwin van der Sar Wife Annemarie And Kids: More On His Health Update

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Soccer icon Edwin van der Sar has been married to his wife Annemarie for 18-years. They have two kids, Joe and Lynn van der Sar.

The soccer world received a distressing update recently when one of the biggest legends of the game had a major health shock.

The former Dutch goalkeeper suffered a brain hemorrhage during his holidays in Croatia. 

His wife, Annemarie van der Sar, went through the same illness back in 2009.

Edwin Van Der Sar His Wife Annemarie And Their Kids
Edwin Van Der Sar, His Wife Annemarie, And Their Kids (Source: Instagram)

Edwin van der Sar is a reputed personality in the soccer realm. He played for huge clubs like Ajax, Juventus, and Manchester United and had a remarkable career.

Having won all possible club trophies, he also received Best European Goalkeeper twice and UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year.

Recently, he held the position of Chief Executive of Ajax FC, which he stepped down from after the 2022-23 season.

Edwin van der Sar: Wife Annemarie And Kids

Annemarie van der Sar is the life partner of the Dutch legend, who married in 2006 in Amsterdam. 

The wife of Edwin Van der Sar was born on March 6, 1973, and recently celebrated her 50th birthday.

She is native to the town of Noordwijk in the province of South Holland and attended Willibrord Mavo Educational Institution. 

Edwin Van Der Sar With His Wife Annamarie
Edwin Van Der Sar With His Wife Annamarie (Source: Instagram)

In 2009 she collapsed during the Christmas holidays when she suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage. She recovered from the attack but suffered some after-effects. 

She expressed she had to relearn simple things like talking, walking, or planning.

“Shopping, for example. The supermarket was suddenly a place where my senses were overwhelmed by a flood of stimuli and information,” she confessed.

Consequently, such experience led her to form The Edwin van der Sar Foundation. Alongside her husband, she is committed to the act of uplifting people with brain injuries. 

Likewise, she is the face of Hersenstichting, a non-profit organization that supports research related to brain diseases.

We can see her promoting the organization regularly on her social media.

In an unprecedented event, her husband Edwin van der Sar himself fell victim to a brain hemorrhage in 2023. 

Van der Sar Family: Kids Joe and Lynn

Edwin and his wife Annemarie are parents to two kids. Son Joe and daughter Lynn van der Sar.

Edwin Van Der Sar With His Family
Edwin Van Der Sar With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Joe van der Sar is 26-year old soccer player.

He followed his legendary father’s footsteps and inherited the Goalkeeper position. 

He played youth soccer at Ajax and Manchester United and intercollegiate soccer at Pittsburgh Panthers.

Edwin and Annemarie’s youngest kid is their daughter Lynn van der Sar.  She is 22-year old and celebrates her birthday on 19 May.

Her father’s influence has shaped her into a huge soccer fan, as she is seen actively attending matches on her Instagram posts.

Furthermore, she has an athletic side to her life as she played Track and Field for AV De Spartaan.

Edwin van der Sar Health Update: Is He Okay?

While celebrating his holidays in Croatia, Edwin suffered a brain hemorrhage. He got transported to the hospital by helicopter.

He had bleeding around his brain and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, where he attained a stable condition.

The whole soccer world prayed for his health. He received heartfelt messages from his clubs, Ajax and Manchester United.

Edwin Van Der Sar Gives His Health Update
Edwin Van Der Sar Gives His Health Update (Source: Instagram)

With the latest Instagram Post, Edwin van der Sar confirmed he is no longer in the intensive care unit.


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