Eli Gold Net Worth & Salary Before Fired: Will He Retire?

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Eli Gold is a well-recognized and highly respected American sportscaster, amassing significant accolades and net worth in his career.

Subsequently, his proficiency in covering various sports with renowned stations like ESPN, CBS, and NBC boosts his overall fortune.

American Sportscaster Eli Gold
American Sportscaster Eli Gold (Source: National Football Foundation)

Eli Gold is an American sportscaster and play-by-play announcer who has covered multiple sports like college football, hockey, and NASCAR.

He most recently served as the radio announcer for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team before being released in 2024.

Eli Gold Net Worth

To break down the net worth of the sportscaster, it is necessary to understand his career trajectory.

Subsequently, Eli Gold has had a prolific career in the sporting realm, spanning several decades.

In the early 1970s, he worked as a disc jockey and sports director at WPIX-FM, a radio station in his hometown.

Although the details of his earnings are unavailable, Gold likely earned a modest salary typical for entry-level positions in the broadcasting industry.

The breakthrough came after he ventured into play-by-play announcing, where his voice and delivery began to capture listeners’ attention.

Eli Gold Served As The Alabama Football Announcer For 35 Years
Eli Gold Served As The Alabama Football Announcer For 35 Years (Source: CBS)

Subsequently, his initial opportunities were often in minor-league baseball and hockey. In 1982, his career was boosted when he became the lead play-by-play announcer for the Motor Racing Network (MRN), covering NASCAR events.

By then, Eli Gold was a well-established sportscaster, likely earning top salaries in the industry.

He has worked with companies like ESPN, CBS, and NBC. Working with these prestigious stations has significantly contributed to his net worth.

In his most recent job covering the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team, his salary was reported to be $120,000. Eli served in this role from 1988 to 2024.

To summarize, his job as a sportscaster covering different American sports makes a significant fragment of his net worth.

His Ventures Outside Sportscasting

Aside from his broadcasting career, Eli Gold has ventured into business, further adding to his wealth. He is a part owner of Nino’s Italian Restaurant in Pelham, Alabama. 

Furthermore, he is an author, having released several books. He has written three books: “Crimson Nation,” which provides a historical account of Alabama football; “Bear’s Boys,” which narrates the experiences of 36 former Alabama players and the lessons learned from the iconic Hall of Fame coach Paul Bryant; and “From Peanuts to the Press Box,” which serves as his autobiography.

Apart from his commentating responsibilities, he held the position of sports director for WERC Radio in Birmingham, Alabama.

Later, he assumed the role of sports director at WBRC-TV Channel 6 in Birmingham, anchoring three evening sportscasts and hosting a weekly call-in show, “Sports Talk With Eli.”

We can estimate the net worth of the American sportscaster to be around the $5 million mark.

All in all, he is a multi-faceted personality, achieving success in diverse fields. After his exit from the Alabama football radio job, fans are curious to see where he goes next.

Released From Alabama: Will He Retire?

Alabama Football has parted ways with Eli Gold following his 35-year tenure as the team’s announcer.

In an official statement, the vice president of Alabama Crimson Tide Sports Network announced the news, thanking Gold for his service.

Following this, fans and sports lovers speculated if the veteran announcer would retire. On a positive spin, the sportscaster announced he doesn’t have plans to retire.

Eli Gold Doesn't Have Plans To Retire
Eli Gold Doesn’t Have Plans To Retire (Source: X)

In an interview with AL.com, he lamented his time at Alabama and noted his aim to continue his broadcasting career.

“I am not retiring. The university has chosen, as they say, to go in a different direction. And that’s certainly their right.”

Furthermore, he intends to continue residing in Birmingham, Alabama, as he considers offers for the next chapter of his career.

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