Jason Benetti Wife: Is The Sportscaster Married?

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Jason Benetti Wife: Sportscaster Jason Benetti has been announcing sports events since he was a college student at Syracuse University. Associating himself with several popular sports networks, Benetti has garnered many fans who are interested in everything concerning his life.

As far as people know, Benetti has never disclosed anything about his love life. Although he often speaks about his childhood and upbringing in the media, he refrains from disclosing his personal life.

So, has Benetti married? Or does he have a partner? Read this article further to know more on this subject.

American Professional Sportscaster Jason Benetti
American Professional Sportscaster Jason Benetti (Source: WBUR)

Jason Benetti is an American professional sports broadcaster for the MLB team Detroit Tigers. Aside from that, he has been working for the NFL on Fox since he joined the Fox Sports network in August 2022.

A graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in psychology, economics, and broadcast journalism, Benetti started his career working for radio stations.

While at Syracuse, he announced lacrosse and women’s basketball games.

After earning his law degree from Wake Forest, Jason joined ESPN in 2011, where he started working in television programs.

In the following years, he also worked as a play-by-play announcer for baseball games on NBC Sports before joining FOX.

Jason Benetti Wife: Is The Sportscaster Married?

Detroit Tigers’ new play-by-play announcer Jason Benetti has made a name for himself by working for big sports news networks all these years. 

Known for his decade-long service for ESPN, fans consider Benetti as one of the most successful sportscasters in American television.

As a result, he has garnered attention from people from all walks of life who enjoy sports.

Jason Benetti Is Currently Single
Jason Benetti Is Currently Single (Source: X. com)

Although Jason has been frank about his early life and everything about his upbringing in Chicago, he has never revealed anything about his love life. Maybe because he has not had romantic involvement with anyone in his life, he does not speak about it.

However, one cannot rule out the possibility that he might be in a relationship with someone but chooses to keep it a secret.

Analyzing his social media activities, it does not seem he is seeing anyone at the moment. Only he knows his private life best. So, his fans have to wait for him to open up about this whenever he feels like the right time.

Benetti Always Wanted To Become A Sportscaster

Jason Benetti was born as the only son of his parents, Rob and Sue Benetti, on September 9, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois.

Born ten weeks premature at the University of Chicago Hospital, Jason had to spend three months in the intensive care unit, where he showed symptoms of respiratory illness. Later on, when he was a toddler, doctors diagnosed Jason with cerebral palsy.

Following that, he underwent years of physical therapy and treatment to improve his movement, which required using wheelchairs and leg braces. 

Jason Benetti Is The Only Kid Of His Parents Rob And Sue Benetti
Jason Benetti Is The Only Kid Of His Parents Rob And Sue Benetti (Source: Wake Forest Magazine)

As a kid, Jason was fascinated with sports and loved watching all sorts of games. Realizing that he could not pursue an active playing career, he vowed to become a sportscaster when he was a school kid.

Both his parents knew their kid spoke and wrote well, and they, too, encouraged him. In fact, he always wanted to become an announcer for his favorite MLB team, Chicago White Sox, which he later achieved.

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