Elneny Looking For A New Contract At Arsenal

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Mohamed Elney is looking to complete a remarkable turnaround at Arsenal with the extension of a contract.

Elneny insists that he never feared his career at Arsenal was over while he was out on loan at Besiktas last season. He says he would love to sign a new contract with the Gunners.

The midfielder impressed at Besiktas and was provided a second chance by Mikel Arteta while returning for pre-season training last summer.

The 28-year-old Elneny grasped the opportunity and impressed against Manchester United. Moreover, he has scored the last 16 first-leg victories in last week’s Europa League over Olympiacos.

Elneny fell out of favor under former Arsenal manager Unai Emery. And he was loaned out to Turkey in the summer of 2019.

Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta is very impressed by Mohamed Elneny. 

Elneny may be a rotational player at Arsenal. Also, He has earned the respect of Arteta.

Elneny, who scored in Arsenal’s last Europa League game, has made 30 appearances for the Gunners. And Arteta has spoken about the hard works of Elneny in training to impress.

Mikel Arteta

Arteta told reporters that he is happy with Elneny’s hard work and his training practices. When you practice well, you get rewards at the end, he added.

Elneny has taken in 119 appearances for Premier League heavyweights. And is tied to a deal through the summer of 2022.

Elneny said he is always loyal to Arsenal and would be happy if Arsenal asks him to sign a new contract.

Besides, he has now made 30 appearances across this season. With only three more records required to set a personal best for the Gunners. He always believed in the reversal of fortune.

Elneny says, “I expected to come back. Since I want to be with the biggest team. And I am happy to be at Arsenal all the time.”

When he was on loan, he always was thinking he needs to get back to Arsenal. The Egypt midfielder is willing to start the second leg in North London with the hosts 3-1 ahead. With this current deal set to expire next year.

With the arrival of Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid on the transfer deadline, Coupled with Dani Ceballos returning on another season-long loan from Real Madrid, shows a tittle chance of Elneny to be part of the Arsenal set-up for this season.

However, he has played in few big games. As well as the drawn penalty of plaudits for the party in a 1-0 win at Manchester United in November.

Elneny told ” Mikel didn’t speak to me before I came back. But now he started to speak to me as we came and started the season. Also, we have new things now.

We need to understand how I actually want the midfield to play. And always, if you don’t understand something from the new system, you have no just come to ask me.”

Arsenal fans’ reaction on Twitter to Mohamed Elneny’s contract 

It is an interesting time for the Egyptian that appears to be a safe bet. Assuming that he would be offloaded after spending last season out of the loan.

He made an immediate statement of the intentions of his return by scoring an audacious goal in pre-season friendly.

Moreover, he has gone on to make 29 appearances in competitions. He also has come in for criticism. Also, he has created some colossal performances in recent weeks.

Twitter comments for Mohamed Elneny.

As of the Transfer market, his contract in North London expires in 2022. So, if Arsenal decides not to offer him fresh terms, he might be on the move this summer.

But it would be his dream to extend his stay. Elneny has made it clear that he would jump at the chance to stay in the Emirates.

Furthermore, the comments have received a mixed response on social media.

There are plenty of people who are not sure about keeping Elneny, who is on £50,000 a week. Some say players like Miguel Azeez get more of the chance.

However, some love what they heard from Elneny. At the same time, they don’t believe that he offers enough to be a key player.

But they are all in favor of him in sticking around and providing cover. Also, some feel that he would set a fantastic example.

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